Faulty Foundation

I speak unto you this day and I say: Consider that when the foundation is faulty, then the house will not stand. I don’t want My people to be building on any foundation other than Jesus. He is the chief cornerstone, the One the builders rejected.

However, the builders were building according to pride and their own interest. They cared not at all for My desire for My people. They did not love or cherish Me or My Son. In fact, they hated Him because He told them the TRUTH.

Over and over, the pattern repeats itself with those who are claiming to be Mine yet hate the truth. Such as these are liars, deceiving and being deceived. They love to put on a facade, acting pious and religious, when in reality they are hypocrites.

Jesus saw the hypocrites and He did not hesitate to call them out for what they were. These ones were actually mockers and scoffers walking after their own lusts. They did not care about what My intention was, nor would they ever repent, because they were a law unto themselves. So it is evidenced in these times. There are countless people who are living for themselves yet pretending to be Christians.

There are countless hypocritical leaders who claim to be My messengers, yet they are not. They are liars and deceivers, because they do not speak My words, only the words of their own deceitful hearts. They refuse to correct people or warn them of the consequences of sinning, because they themselves are sinning.

These refuse the call to REPENT, and teach others the same rebellion. Therefore, they are able to raise up money for their own pockets and accumulate big followings because they tell people what they want to hear. In fact, they actually lie to people in order to get them to follow their false and delusional teachings.

Such deceitfulness in the priesthood, the clergy, is no new thing. Jesus encountered the same thing in the days of His earthly journey, and so will you. This is because there are many who are false messengers, and their goal is not for the good of My people, but rather for their own gain and fame. These ones will always tell their audiences what they want to hear, in order to coax them into giving more and more of their money and their time to the big shows they are able to be a part of.

Such ones as these in their broadcasting—that is, sowing their seeds of rebellion—will always show their large audiences in order to convince others to give to their causes, whatever they may be. These cheaters have no conscience about deceiving people, for they are motivated by demon forces, and they have become addicted to easy money and fame.

To declare the TRUTH is not easy money and fame. It is in fact hard to deal with, because it means that those who are participating in My cause will suffer rejection. Not only that, but the multitudes will not flock to hear the truth, because the same requires repentance. In these times when so many false messengers are telling people enticing lies and teaching them doctrines of devils, be aware that they are messengers of darkness. When people are not taught My way, then they are taught the way that demons guide the false messengers.

How dreadful it will be for those who followed the herd rather than following My Spirit and listening to My messengers. Those who are messengers of darkness will beguile, entice and seduce any and all who are wanting only to have material blessings in this life.

If you look at the darkness that has covered the nation at this time, it is because these false messengers have gone out and are teaching multitudes falsehood and delusions. It is ridiculous to believe the liars and follow their teachings only to end up deceived and damned. Yet multitudes would rather give abundance of their finances to these liars, in the hopes that they will receive the “blessing of money” in return.

There are very few who are exhorting people to honor Me and obey the commands of My Spirit. This is because there is no easy money to be made by the true messengers. Oftentimes, preachers start out to be real, yet when they are being starved out by those who do not love the truth, some of them turn crooked and begin to tell lies to survive.

Sad to say, while these lies may seem as nothing to them, the lies grow stronger and stronger in their lives, and as they continue to lie, they will lose out with Me. Then, because they have opened themselves up to lies in order to survive, they eventually become so entrenched in lies that they are controlled by demons.

I do not want you to be false messengers; I want you to build on the right foundation, which is My Son Jesus. As you are building on the chief cornerstone, the building will not fall nor crumble, and what you build will be in union with Jesus. I want My people to build according to righteousness, not wickedness.

Therefore, be thankful that you do not need to go down under, but you can come up above and know the peace that comes from building on the right foundation and knowing that the same will endure and remain.