Wild, Wanton Wanderers

I speak unto you this day and I say that there are multitudes in these times who are cursed to wander because of their sins and the sins of their ancestors. They find it impossible to settle very long, and they must fulfill the demonic desire inside of them to just “go wild and wanton.” As they yield to such pressures, they mess up whatever they may have had going in their lives, and become very wretched by their wicked behaviors.

Over and over, the cycle repeats itself, and they become more and more dysfunctional as the years go by. Sad to say, they are in captivity to cruel demonic powers that keep them going down lower and lower, not only in their economics, but also in their personal well-being as the same deteriorates. Such as these often end up totally corrupted and overwhelmed by the lust to wander, and they often end up sleeping wherever they can locate drugs, drink or depression. If they do have children, then they too learn the ropes of the wanderlust lifestyle, and they do not want the stagnant lifestyle of the settled and secure.

The tragedy is that while these ones are controlled by spirits of demonic origin, they are unable to stop the cycle that is causing them many hardships that are not necessary. However, because of the lifestyle they have established at the prompting and forceful commanding of demons, they oftentimes suffer mental deterioration. They can be seen talking out loud to demon spirits and cursing repeatedly at people who are not around.

Throughout the nation, this curse is being evidenced and is increasing daily as more and more people are being shown up to be utterly insane. Reality is that the nation itself is being governed by persons who are full of the same demonic spirits who hold them in captivity to habitual lying and transgressing against My standards. Such as are in power are often seen talking to persons that are not around, shaking hands with shadows, exhibiting lustful behavior towards young girls and boys.

As is evidenced, the insanity and deterioration are not limited to the homeless, the wanderers, the captives of demons. Those with great, abundant resources are likewise seen to commit all manner of insane behaviors and acts of great, horrifying atrocity and corruption. To say the least, the mundane existence of everyday life has been replaced by the insane, profane, defiant, vile and corrupted criminal behaviors that show total deterioration and depression. Mindless, hopeless and visionless, the people and the nation have gone lower and lower and become more and more tainted and defiled.

It has never been My intention that things would be in such a condition, for I have never called My people to such vile and wicked actions as most are doing in these times. However, many of those who claimed at one time to be Mine did not keep their first estate. Instead, they flirted with the spirits of demons, and by the same were driven to the same deterioration as those who have never known of My standard and My way.

Take note that it is stupid to flirt with demon spirits and be captivated by the same, then be driven into all manner of wicked, wanton, wild behaviors that end in wandering and squandering. When anyone squanders the mercy that has been shown to them through Jesus Christ, they are utterly stupid and proving themselves to be dumb and dull. This is because they have eyes full of adultery and by their own behaviors, they are proving themselves to be idiotic and insane.

Actually, when I see those who have turned from mercy to take up misery, I feel no pity for them. This is because they have not respected nor honored My Son by their rebellious and ruthless choices against Me. I do not find pleasure in any people who are choosing the foolery of the way of the damned when they have known the way of the redeemed. Literally, such ones are making light of the sacrifice that Jesus endured in order to give them salvation. They trade salvation for fornication, degradation and deterioration.

In the end, they are in continual misery and attempting to keep themselves from reflecting on their sins by staying drunk or drugged at all times. As they consume more and more numbing substances, abusing themselves and others in the process, it becomes grossly evident that they are hell bound and don’t even care.

Plagued as so many are, cursed to wander, they deserve what they get because they chose to squander their inheritance in My Son’s forgiveness mercies. Now they are living in continual misery and hardship, all brought on by their involvement in the forbidden. Know that I never put them there. It was by their choices and their foolishness.

Be thankful that you do not need to be under the covering of vain and insane persons who are leading people into the quicksand of deeper and deeper sin and despair. Thank Me that as you keep your vision clearly upon Me, you will be enabled to partake continually of all that I have in preparation for you, and that is goodness and mercy.

Serve each day in the attitude of gratitude that you are able to respect and reflect on the tender mercies that were and are provided for you each day. Be glad that you can live each day in hope and not be addicted to dope. Know that your future is full of good things because you keep steady in Me.