Folly of False Fatigue

I speak unto you this day and I say that I do not desire you to be caught up in the folly of false fatigue because you have allowed the enemy forces to lure you into meaningless battles through pride. When those who are Mine do not pay strict attention to My Spirit, they will be lured into false fatigue because they are fighting battles that I do not intend.

Many of those who feel that they are completely worn out are in such a condition because they accepted the devil’s challenges to their pride rather than obedience to the commands of My Holy Spirit. I do not intend for you to be worn out; I intend for you to be renewed through the washing of My Word and to be encouraged that I can give you refreshing as you pay heed to Me as the One who bears rule over you.

There are multitudes who have wearied themselves by paying heed to the demon commands which want them to be lured into meaningless arguments and disputations over petty things. It has never been My intention that My people would be lured into false battles. It is My intention that My people would be under the commands of the Holy Spirit at all times.

Far too many of those who claim to be in My troops are AWOL (absent without leave) because they feel threatened by circumstances and situations that are at hand. For this reason, they are found AWOL, because they have gone after the folly of entering into too many petty battles that I did not intend, nor did I want them involved in.

I do not want you to enter into false battles, for the same will wear you down and cause you to lose hope in My purposes and plans. When you see this happening in your own lives, do not yield to the demonic inspiration and declaration. Rather, realize that I do not ask you to do anything that I do not provide the strength, the safety, and the power for you to accomplish My will.

While the Bible declares that Jesus wearied from His journey, remember He remained on foot, walking everywhere He went. When he sat down out of weariness, He did not retire or resign. He simply got a drink, ministered to the woman who gave Him drink, then, after a short stay, returned to His journey and My commission for Him.

Therefore, be alert to the fact that oftentimes My people come under the false commands of friends, relatives, and other acquaintances who are not at all doing My will but their own. When My people give way to the commands of such ones, they again become entangled in the ties that bind them and keep them from complete abandonment to My will. Actually, I am angered and wearied with those who listen to false commanders who want them in obedience to what they want, not what I want.

Did not My Son openly declare that He did not want His people to love anything or anybody more than Him? This means in essence, if any quickly succumbs to commands given by those other than My Holy Spirit, then they are taking on false coverings and offending Me. My Son did not listen to the false religious leaders of His day, nor did He bow to the opinions of His mother and his brothers. Instead, He kept what I told Him to do and followed the commands as the Spirit spoke the same to Him.

I do not want those who are Mine to be quickly collapsing to other masters, false commanders. I want My people to stay true to Me and to keep that loyalty no matter what pressures they are under. It is a good thing to recognize how important it is to stay under the covering that is Mine rather than the covering of the world.

There are many who want to project that they are knowledgeable about what My will is, yet they are not, for they have avoided doing My will for years on end. Then suddenly, they are equipped to tell the ones who I have called and chosen for My purposes, only to be yielded to their commands. When you see such behavior, know that it is not Me who is motivating their commander complex. It is the work of demons.

The truth is that I want My people to put Me first and to have no other loves before Me or beside Me. Those who offer excuses for keeping in service to Me and go AWOL will find that they are spiritless and feel fatigue because they failed to stay in the ranks of the faithful.

Do not be quick to solicit the opinions of those who are estranged from My intentions for them and are going after the nonsense that makes no sense in terms of eternity. Such ones as these have not sought to put Me first in their lives, for they have lived for themselves and loved to do so. Now, as they are meddling with My chosen, they become My enemies, not My friends. These ones are attempting to lure My people away from My agenda and into theirs.

If you consider the ones who have yielded repeatedly to falsehood and lies, they have done so because they have chosen the way of the damned, not the way of the faithful. Even those who are now professing they want you to join them in their desire to serve Me and who want to dictate your lives, beware of them. Look at their track records and ask yourselves: Have they proven to love Me first? Of course, the answer is no!

Why should you be putting them before Me and what I intend? Do not put them as a priority in your lives if you want to remain in right standing with Me. Face the reality that I am the One you must keep as your first and foremost priority and love.