Retributive Mockery

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be aware that this is the time that I the Living God am bringing My retributive mockery down upon the heads of the mockers and scoffers who have thought themselves to be so wise. Inasmuch as these ones have been drunk on pride, they have esteemed themselves to be something that they are not. While they have made mockery after mockery of Me and likewise My true people, now I am giving them their payback and they cannot escape the fire, fury and indignation of My wrath.

Inasmuch as you are living in times when people are seeing themselves as something that they are not, they are vainly puffed up on pride, and by that pride they have been strutting and boasting. However, now I am bringing back to them multiplied what they have done against the ones that I love.

These proud deluded people are finding that I am the God of wrath, fury and indignation, and they are being mocked by My supreme powers, over which they have no control. There is no way that they can stop the flow of My burning anger towards them, and they are being thoroughly mocked and scoffed in their arrogant and unruly displays of contempt for Me.

The reality is, simply put, that no one gets by with mocking Me. Not only will they be mocked in this life; they will be mocked in the life hereafter when they find themselves in the everlasting flames of hellfire. It is indeed by their choices that they end in such an end.

Do not take pity on those who are under My retributive mockery at this time. Rather, know that they are receiving what they have sown, multiplied over and over. I do not want you to imagine that what I do to them is cruel. Consider what they have done to My people. Repeatedly through their lies and fabricated tales, they have victimized My true people. They have committed character mutilation against the ones I love, and thought they got by because of the brutality and vileness of the lies they told against My people.

However, there is none who gets by, and I do repay to them what they have done against the ones I love. Therefore, when you see those who are in the throes of retributive mockery, leave such things with Me and do not give your opinion of what I do. Realize that truly My ways are higher than the ways of human beings, and what I do is just and right.

It is not up to men to pass judgment on My people and to punish them for wrongs they have not committed, yet this happens repeatedly throughout the world, and the mockers and scoffers are drunk on their own lies. Nonetheless, the time comes when I bring them down and give to them exactly what they need in order to be brought low and shown that they are fools before Me. Not only do I see they are fools, but the audiences who once applauded them now see them as the mocked fools that they are under My anger against them.

Be thankful this day that you can see plainly that I am just in all of My judgments, and that when I bring about retribution, it is right. Be glad that you are not subject to the mockers, even though they imagine that they have you destroyed. The time comes, as is now, when I turn against them all that they have sought to do against My people, and by My mighty hand they are reduced to crying and moaning over My anger against them.

Those who think that they can do as they want against Me, My Son, My Spirit and My people, and there is no payback for the same, are simply full of their own imaginations fueled by demons. There is none who gets by on Me, for My eyes see all that mockers do, and I keep track of their vile and wicked plots, schemes and actions. Those who have lived under the pressure of the mockers will rejoice when they see that yes, the time of My retributive mockery does come, for vengeance belongs to Me.

Therefore, do not be weary in well doing. Just continue steadfast, knowing that I am the One who cares for those who are true to Me and declare what My Holy Spirit dictates. I do not want My people to give up through weariness of persecutions and cruel mockeries. I want My people to keep trusting, believing, and looking to Me as the author and the finisher, the beginning and the end, the One who will keep them in perfect peace as they are looking to Me as the One they love. Be glad even this day that you do not need to be taken in the clutches of the wicked, and know that you are in My hands of love and that I hold you steady as you are trusting Me.

These are times of madness, insanity, violence, and terrible perversions. This is because people, by listening to mockers and scoffers, have lost all fear and respect for Me. Because of their aversion for Me, they will undergo fear on every hand and partake of corruptions that are unmentionable in the sense of how immoral they are.

Every day, you will hear of new atrocities being committed by the insane multitudes who run rampant throughout the land. These wild ones are the consequence of a nation gone mad, ruled by reprobate and repulsive leadership that is continually disrespectful towards Me and My people. However, I am in ultimate control, and when I decide to mock the mockers, they cannot stop My timing nor My actions against them.

Therefore, do not live in fear of men. Fear and respect Me, for I am the One true God and I remain supreme. People have come and gone, and nations are remembered no more, for they received retributive mockery from Me. Be thankful to receive My mercy and goodness each day!