What You Are Worth

I speak unto you this day and I would ask you: Do you really know what you are worth before Me? There are multitudes who have lost their zeal for Me and are contented to keep Me at a distance so that they can do as they please, when they please. In such behaviors, they are a grief to Me because they are failing to realize that there are many who are dead branches waiting to be burned. Others are salt that has lost its saltiness and is good for nothing.

I do not desire that those who are called and chosen by Me would prove to be useless because they are no longer burning with love for Me. This happens when people allow themselves to take up idols and put other things before Me. I do not want you to worship idols, nor do I want you to put other things as more important in your lives than your relationship with Me. Consider that I have intended that My people would realize that the most important thing in their lives is to keep in right standing with Me and to obey My commands and desires above all else.

Far too many have gone after the world and the vanities of the same, all to their own loss. While they may think that the material goods of this world matter, they do not. This is because they have chosen the stupidity and darkness of the world, and in the same they have become captivated. I do not want you captivated by the world; I want you to keep serving Me as your Maker, your Keeper.

There are multitudes who will stand before Me and want to brag of their good works. However, I will tell them, “Depart from Me, I never knew you!” because they have made their works more important than their relationship with Me. This is because they are loving to be seen and heard of men and to brag about how great they imagine themselves to be. They are not great at all. They are basically not reflecting the power and authority of who I am.

Such ones as these have sought for self-glorification, and the same has proven to be their downfall. I do not want you to be under such absurdity as they are in because they love themselves more than they love Me. When it is Me that you love first and foremost, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am the One who bears rule over you and that My way is perfect.

It is really senseless to waste your time on this earth running after the riches that make themselves wings. So many want to strut and boast about how wealthy they are. However, they are not worth anything before Me because they have put earthly riches above relationship unto Me. When anyone does that, they are found unworthy because they have chosen the vanities of worldliness above the virtues of godliness.

Keep clear in your vision, that you are not rejected when your time comes to leave this earthly journey. Be preparing for the eternity that will be with Me rather than the eternity that will be with the damned. Reality is that the time that men and women spend on this earth determines where they will be in the life hereafter.

It is stupidity to choose according to the world and not according to Me. If you are looking to Me as the One who bears rule over you, then you will understand how important it is that you choose My way above your own way. The way that people choose is stupidity when they imagine that they must have things their way and seek for the material gain of this world.

When men and women stand before Me, they will realize as they are in My light that they are worth nothing because they sought for the treasures that are useless. Not only did they sell out for material gain; they sold out for the opinions of men and the darkness of the world’s ways.

There is no reason to expend yourselves for vanity and in the end find out that you are worth nothing. It is like a man who continually stores his money in a bag, but the bag is full of holes, and the more that he puts in such a bag, the more he loses, much to his amazement. However, he does not look at the bag and see that it is not worth anything and that he will end like the bag full of holes.

Thank Me that as you seek for what I want for you and keep your fire of love and desire burning for My will, you will be under Holy Spirit command and direction. Such is a place of safety, for you are not drifting on the sea of iniquity and by the same being overwhelmed and disturbed. I do not want you to be disturbed or overwhelmed by the waves of wickedness that are ever upon the sea of iniquity.

As you are consecrating yourselves to Me and obeying My commands, it will become evident to you that the way that I give is what you are meant to be found in. My way is the way that is safety, security and salvation. Do not take the road that leads to damnation, for that road is treacherous and full of corruption.

I consider to be worthless the ones who have put their hands to the plow then look back and do not continue. Likewise, I find no value in the ones who claim they will do what I ordain, then do not, or those who speak great swelling words of love for Me, yet their own hearts are as stone because they reject My rule over them. Those who say that I am their God, yet they refuse to believe upon Jesus and the words He spoke, are without anchor, and they will drift on the sea of iniquity till they are drowned and damned.