Sex Idolatry Destroys Peoples, Tribes and Nations

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who desires to keep My people from those things that bring destruction. When people take up idols, they take up those things that will destroy them and bring them to ruination. I do not intend for you to end in ruination; I intend for you to come forth in the light, the strength, and the glory that I have prepared for the faithful, the true.

It is senseless when people, tribes and nations go after idols and make the same their gods or goddesses. I never planned for people to turn aside to idols, yet they do. When those who are worshiping idols will see the folly of their way, then they are meant to repent and cry out to Me. This includes even the ones who have been born into idolatry. People do not have to know Me in order to cry out to Me. I have left Myself available for any and all who desire to come out of spiritual dumbness and darkness. I will hear the cry of any person who is desperately wanting to escape the bondage of demonically inspired idolatry.

I do not intend for My people to be overwhelmed and overtaken by the worship of idols of any kind. The truth is that in these times, sex idolatry is running rampant, and many have gone crazy as they are caught in the insanity of such idolatry. Needless to say, few escape such idolatry, because they take in endless demons and by the same they are in bondage to all manner of twisted and vile behavior.

Know of a certainty that I created men and women upright. However, because of the sins of Adam and Eve, the purity I intended no longer rules. People seek out inventions, and those inventions are the consequence of demonic invasion and cause much perversion and alteration. Those who were once functioning on a sane level are reduced to levels of insanity by the input of demons. Inasmuch as multitudes are caught up in the devil’s clutches, they are going after any new invention of vileness and abomination that the demons present to them.

There is no way that people come out of the ugliness and darkness that they are in if they do not repent and humble themselves to Me and confess their need of saving help. Whether they know Jesus or not, they are able to repent because I send My messengers to them and point them to Him, the Savior who will forgive their sins.

Consider the ugliness that permeates into the very depths of those who are bound in sex idolatry. They literally become sex slaves and cannot escape, because they are being driven and motivated by demon powers that have infiltrated their lives.

Stop and consider: I never intended for you to be involved with demon powers; I intended for you to be involved with Me, for I alone am the God who loves you. The demons that inspire sex idolatry cause their slaves to become increasingly more perverse and altered in many ways. Some are so vexed by their own behaviors that they commit suicide or kill others in their insane state of mind.

The permeation of corruption in these times is evidenced by the insanity of those who are in leadership over the nation. All manner of bizarre and perverse behavior is allowed, and multitudes are being taken captive by various spirits that cause much distress to those who are bound by them. I do not want people in the conditions that they are in; they choose the same through their own wrong choices.

You are not intended to be involved in the wickedness that is ruling in these times. You are meant to expose and reveal the wickedness that covers the land so that some may hear and repent and find salvation and sanity in their lives. There is all manner of destruction being done in these times because people have taken on the stupidity and dumbness of sex idolatry.

Not only have babies been murdered through abortion by the millions; now children are being forced by law in many places to believe they are not what they are. They are told that they can take on any kind of identity they so desire, and the same must be accepted. If their parents object to such foolery, then they lose their children to the government machine that is waiting to grind up the children’s minds and bodies.

Actually, the obvious madness that is evidencing itself in these times is the result of sex idolatry, and it is causing many sorrows because it is not of Me in any way whatsoever. I did not create people and give them the breath of life that they could destroy themselves through demonic manipulation and end up totally devastated, destroyed and damned.

There are multiplied peoples, tribes and nations that have been destroyed because they went insane through the choices they made under demonic influence and infiltration. Sex idolatry does not lead anyone to morality. Instead, it takes people down the road of destruction, and their end is ugly, and they are hopeless through the same.

I do not want you to be hopeless; I want you to find your hope through Me, for I alone am your Maker, and if you keep steadily looking to Me, you will see the folly of all idolatry. Beware those who are attempting to lure people into the web of sex idolatry, for the same is a cruel and vicious trap of destruction and damnation. Rejoice that you are living in salvation, sanity and safety.