Strength and Safety in Me

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are not meant to be afraid in these times of insanity. If you look to Me, because you are Mine, you will find strength and safety in Me. Know that I will not leave you, nor will I forsake you. Rather, I will uplift you and bring you forth by a plain path, and you will have My Spirit with you internally to guide you in the way that I have prepared.

You are not meant to look to the world to be your strength and safety, for the current trend in this wicked world is insanity, which is increasing daily. The rulers or leaders have neglected to observe any of My laws, yet they are expecting others to obey their laws, which are totally ungodly and unjust. So oppressive has the government become, that full-scale revolution is brewing.

I do not expect My people to take up arms and enter into war with those who are disrespectful of Me. I do expect My people to continue to proclaim their faith as they declare the truth in a time filled with lies and liars. There are endless multitudes who are mocking and scoffing Me as though they get by with such mistreatment of Me and are free to proclaim whatever they want. However, these ones are fools, for when people are abusive towards Me, they are bringing ruination to themselves through the same. Mockers and scoffers will come under My wrath, fury and indignation.

In these times, people are declaring that I am what they say. In such declarations, they prove themselves to be fools. I do not change to please people, and those who are proclaiming what I am are absolute fools, for I am not that at all. Be thankful that you can declare Me as I am, and in that declaration you are enabled to partake of My goodness and My mercy. Those who want to twist Me to their liking are twisted and are a shame to My Name. Do not be partaking of their intoxication, for the same is stupidity and shows how really blinded they are by pride.

Be thankful that you can find the strength and safety you have need of in and through Me. When it is Me that you are adhering unto, you will not be influenced to go in the way of fools. Rather, you will be enabled to walk in the way that I have intended: the straight and narrow way.

Those who have chosen the broad way will find themselves in many realms and aspects of sin, all to their own detriment and destruction. In the broad way, the liars make their abode, and there they are content to dwell in the darkness and iniquity of their own ways.

That is why I want My people to stay in the straight and narrow way that they are not devoured by the liars who are as hungry lions, looking for any they can deceive and devour. Liars have no conscience about stealing, betraying, deceiving, devouring their victims. Over and over, they lie and cannot stop themselves, for they are ruled by demons sent by the devil, who is the father of lies.

Do not imagine that I want you to live in lies. I do not. This means essentially that you are not meant to listen to liars as though they might have some truth. Any truth they may declare, they have twisted to fit into their deceptions whereby they contaminate others.

It is a good thing to know that you do not have to be involved in listening to lying spirits. Instead, you can be encouraged by listening to My Spirit and coming forth in the truth that I provide. Thank Me even this day that I am the God who is truth and that My truth remains. Those who are twisting the truth are doing so because they are twisted and insane and want to ensnare others into the same bondage they are in.

Thank Me this day that you do not need to be ensnared and entangled in lies, because the same are as a web, and there is no end to the lies. Once people start lying, it takes a tremendous effort for them to back out of the same and see that the lies are killing them. Those who are caught in the stranglehold of lies will find all truth being twisted in their minds and their words.

Be serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude because I am good to you and I provide you the strength and safety that you have need of every single day. More than ever, it is mercy that I keep you while others are losing their sanity, their safety, and even their very lives due to their wrong choices. Realize that you are blessed to be able to differentiate between the precious and the vile and that you do not have to go in the way of the wicked. Rather, you can come forth in the way that I give you and be rejoicing that it is Me that you serve each day.

When you see the realms of madness that the nation has succumbed to, be thankful that I am the One you can trust and believe. As multitudes are entangled in the lies of the devil, the more they lose sight of sanity and go in the way of those who are insane and unable to face reality. The nest of liars grows bigger by the day as they are as snakes, writhing and breeding continually. If you truly consider the tragedy that come to those who forsake the truth to take up lies, they end up cursed and damned by the same.

It is indeed a wonderful thing to be enabled to believe in and receive the truth each day and to walk in that truth. The more that you embrace the truth and obey the same, the more that My strength and safety become evident to you, and you have no need to be afraid. Those who are entangled in lies will live in continual fear and bondage because they are subject to demons.