Intoxication Devastation

I speak unto you this day and I say that I do not approve of My people living and dying because of intoxication. Intoxication leads to devastation. Sad to say, far too many who are claiming to be Mine have given themselves to intoxication in these times. Intoxication takes on many faces, and those who are living in such will find themselves unable to think clearly or follow sound wisdom.

Needless to say, intoxication comes in many forms, and multitudes are destroyed because of the various substances and habits that people take on that bring them to ruination. There are some who have had everything imaginable provided for them. Instead of being thankful for what they receive, they have chosen to live in devastation by choosing intoxication above all that they should have valued in their lives.

Such deceptions as they are choosing are literally causing them to be losing out with Me because they are following demonic instruction and abandoning or forsaking Holy Spirit instruction and direction. Do I want them there? No, it is by their own choices that they end in hopeless despair and total ruination to their souls.

Be thankful that you do not need to live in intoxication. Rather, you can live in the total consecration that draws you nearer and nearer to Me as your Master and your Creator. It is indeed a privilege to know that I am the One who cares for you and keeps you in the place of security in Me as you obey the commands of My Holy Spirit and keep yourselves from drunkenness.

In these times, the streets are filled with the multitudes who are intoxicated on the devices of sin to the extent that they have nothing to live for except their next intoxicant, whatever that might be. Nationwide, the streets of major cities as well as even the highways and byways are full of tents and people with no shelter whatsoever who are passed out from intoxication.

Some stuff their belongings into shopping carts; others have sacks, pillowcases, home-fashioned push carts, etc. It is a very serious matter to them that no one violates their pathetic collection of bits and pieces that others have thrown away. Oftentimes in the middle of the night, their agonizing cries and cursing are heard ringing out as someone, real or imaginary, has attempted to rob them of their few possessions.

Not only do the intoxicated bring ruination to themselves, but many others face the same thing, as they are either robbed by the homeless or see business driven away from once-secure businesses. Customers stop coming to the places where they have to wade through a crowd of begging, demanding, threatening homeless in order to patronize certain places of business.

Consequently, multitudes are left with nothing at all except a memory of their once-flourishing businesses that are now left depleted, and they cannot sell because of their locations. So, after years of hard work, they are left basically with nothing because of the intoxicated. Sad to see, and even harder to face, is the fact that this is a nation-wide plague, and none has found a solution for the same.

In addition to the citizens of the nation that are ruined by the army of homeless, there are now people of many nations flooding in who are basically homeless and helpless as far as their adaptation to the lifestyle of this nation, which is foreign to them.

Inasmuch as those who are in rule have ulterior motives in their calling to foreigners to rush to America, this adds to the problems of insanity and madness that are running rampant. Consider that foreigners who have contributed nothing to the maintenance of the nation are being given all benefits with no questions asked, while American citizens are denied repeatedly the benefits they are worthy to receive because they have worked and supported the very system that is experiencing implosion due to overload and intoxication.

Where it ends, nobody knows. Yet I do not stop the plague, because people have tried to play god and they are finding out that they do not have the resources to support the intoxication, devastation, ruination that is so rapidly bringing the downfall and decline of what was once true prosperity earned by hard and steadfast work.

I do not want My true people to be frightened or anxious, but I want them to keep trusting in Me as their provider, for I will make the way for them that no one else can make. As I do, My people are well able to be kept in the midst of a wayward and perverse nation that has abandoned all standards of decency and taken on demon-inspired madness and immorality.

Over and over, the trauma and the drama repeats itself, and no one can stop what is happening. Why? Because I the Living God do see that men, women and children have wholeheartedly rejected My standards and dictates and opened their arms to every perversion and insanity that comes along. Because they are choosing such degradation and devastation, they will partake of the ruination of all that comes down on them.

Be aware that as My true people, you are not intended to be participating in such realms of insanity and profanity. You are meant to be thankful to have a clear, sober mind that can receive godly wisdom and obey the same.