Trust Me to Repay Enemies

I speak unto you this day and I say: Pattern yourselves after My Son and do not seek for revenge, for the same is deadly to your walk with Me. When you see the ones who have sought for revenge, you will see that they are filled with bitterness and hatred, and want only to prove that they have been wronged. However, these ones have stopped trusting in Me that I am capable of repaying the enemies of My people and the enemies of My Son.

Do not ever underestimate My capabilities of revenge, for vengeance belongs to Me, and I do give forth retributive justice upon the heads of those who have done character mutilation against My people. Such as these are dumb because they imagine that they get by with their vicious lies and slander. However, they do not get by; they are simply filling up their cup, and in the end they will pay for all they have done against My people.

This in mind, do not believe the demons who pressure you to take action in terms of revenge against those who are enemies of My purpose. While I call you to declare the truth and stand strong for the same, I do not call you to take vengeance on the enemies, because that is My responsibility. When those who are My people take the role that belongs to Me, they are not in right standing because it proves to be a violation of My intentions and My purposes.

I want My people to trust Me and know that as they are walking in the steps of Jesus, they will be enabled to see that I am indeed well able to deal with those who have violated My people and attempted to put them to death through any and all means. Realize that Jesus has already gone before you and that there is nothing that you have had to go through that He has not endured. He suffered in all points, so know that because of His suffering you have been given the privilege to be redeemed and given new life.

It is a good thing to keep attentive unto Me and to partake of the mercies that I provide continually unto you. Consider the many mercies that I give to you each day and be glad for those mercies. When you look upon the miseries that people are living under in these times, give the thanks and praise to Me that you know mercy.

There are so many who are yet to come under My wrath for the multiplied ways they have sought to bring ruination to My chosen believers. Over and over, they have reviled and spoken evil of the ones who have remained true to Me, and in the process they have applied the tactic of character mutilation and grew smug and arrogant on their own lies.

Be alert to the fact that they will pay in this life, and over and over again in hell, for the endless lies they spoke in bitter hatred for My true ones. The reason they try to kill the ones who are true to Me is because they are full of demons and the devil is their commander. However, because they are the ones who have chosen darkness rather than the light, they will pay repeatedly for their transgressions against Me and the ones who are faithful to My Son and Myself.

Despite the repeated attacks of the wicked, they will not overthrow the just, for the time comes when My vengeance is revealed. Multitudes end up utterly destroyed and dead because they chose to attempt to devastate and destroy the ones who have loved Me and walked in My way. I am not to be mocked, nor are My chosen vessels.

When you see the mockers and scoffers who are driven to tell more and more lies, you will see that they cannot even control their vicious tongues. This is because they know that they are on the wrong side of Me, and they are trying desperately to destroy My true messengers because the truth falls on them like burning coals.

When I release My wrath, fury and indignation against them, they will find that they are not in any way able to escape. This is because I am sorely displeased and disappointed with all of their tactics, and they will pay repeatedly for all that they have done against My people. I am not at all pleased with the fools who have made My people suffer repeatedly by their malicious lies. I will turn liars against the liars, and from both ends will come gross exaggerations and outrageous lies.

Then I will cause the ugliness of their wickedness to become evident to multitudes, and the very ones who thought they ruled will find that they do not rule at all. I know exactly how to punish the wicked, and not all of them will be smitten in the same way. However, be assured that they will not get by with the transgressions they have done against My kingdom and My ambassadors here on earth.

Be thankful that you do not need to bow to their false authority and believe the lies of the liars. Rather, you can keep your focus on Me and know that beyond the tactics of the wicked, My Christian manifesto is real. There are multitudes in blatant violation against Me. They will reap their rewards for the wickedness they exhibited against My people.

Thank Me that I am the One who does repay the wicked for their wretched behaviors against My beloved. While they may believe there is no hereafter, they will have a rude awakening as their wretched lives are over and they end in hellfire. Yes, they will be punished continually, and while they are under the torments and agonies of the damned, their own lies will mock them. Know that I do repay in exceeding abundance those who have sought to destroy My true ones.