Worn by Worry

I speak unto you this day and I declare to you that I do not want My people to be worn by worry. There are in these times many people who are worn by worry, and the same shows on their faces and in their behaviors. They are worried both day and night because they are unable to control the very things that cause them to be fearful, and likewise take on worry.

As My people, you are to put your trust in Me, for I am the God who cares for you and provides what you have need of in every circumstance and situation. I do not want you to be under the power of worry and by that worry live in a situation that is dreadful, simply because you have allowed demons to encamp in your mind and drag you down.

You are meant to rejoice and be glad that I am your God and the One who is above and beyond all other gods. When you really consider that the gods of the heathen are dumb and they are dead, multitudes pray and call out to their gods, yet their cries are found in the wind. Do not be allowing demonic powers to convince you that the world’s people have a better way. They do not, for their ways are confusion, delusion and madness.

The more that you are yielding to Me, the more confident you become in My goodness and My ability to care for you. I do not want you to follow in the way of transgressors, for that way is hard, and although many go that way, it is not intended for you.

When you see the ones who have yielded themselves to repeated transgressions and sins, do not feel sorry for them through false human compassion. Such ones are reaping what they have sown, and those who are in sympathy with them are opposing Me through false human compassion. To be aware of the sorrows of the wicked and think you must do something about their sorrows, is accepting burdens that do not belong to you. By the same, you will be weighed down and bogged mentally and spiritually.

There is no reason to be troubled, that is, worried by troubles that are not yours to carry, nor to try and resolve. It is better to let the ones who have purposely refused Me and gone in the way to bring troubles to their doorstep, carry the worry caused by their troubles. They are the ones who will see many, many troubles, because they have chosen the way of transgressors.

Rejoice this day and every day that you do not need to be worn by worry and continually vexed because you are suffering under stress and anxiety. Even in situations that appear to be desperate, realize that it is Me the Living God who will uplift you and guide you through the same because I am the One who has given you the Holy Spirit to guide you and direct you according to My dictates and directives.

The world will always be full of troubles because of the sinful nature of humankind and their stubbornness against My way. I made humans to be upright, but they are the ones who have sought out many inventions, and by their seeking have brought worries and troubles into their lives. Do not seek out inventions or ways to rebel against Me. Instead, be in cooperation with Me each day by listening to the commands of the Holy Spirit and living in obedience to the same.

It is ridiculous to walk afar off from Me and follow the darkness that is so prevalent in these times. It is better to be yielded to Me as your Maker and the One who gives you life. Do not take for granted the many mercies that I give you each day. Rather, be thankful that through acceptance of My presence in your lives you will find the peace that comes from being in right standing with Me.

When you see the ones who have carelessly abandoned themselves to transgression, know that they are fools before Me because they take no thought for what lies ahead of them in eternity. If you are receiving the wisdom that I give to you with gladness, you will be enabled to partake of that wisdom and be made wise. My people are not meant to be dumb as the heathen are dumb because they are serving idols. My people are meant to be made wise because they are adhering to My instructions and knowledge of how to apply the instructions they receive.

Look at the wretchedness that is being openly displayed in these times. Multitudes are found suffering because they are believing in the lies of the devil and his demons above My wisdom. While people think that they have found life in the broad way, the easy way, they have found death and destruction. I do not want you to be involved in death and destruction; I want you to be involved in godly instruction and gain the newness of life that comes each time you obey the same.

Over and over, there are examples of how ugly life is without Me. I do not want you to look at such examples and think that there is something in those examples you are meant to emulate. No, you are not meant to be among those who are on the wrong side of Me.

Remain adhering to My way and be kept from being worn by worry and taken down by troubles. It is My intention that you would experience joy because you are adhering to Me and walking in the way that is blessed. There is no reason to be cursed, for when you are receiving My instructions, you are kept in the truth and are free from the curses that liars gain for themselves. Those who lie will be worn by worry that they will be caught.