Christian Manifesto (Part 2)

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who desires for you to be understanding that while I am judging the evildoers, I am blessing those who want to be true to Me. Therefore, when you see sin abounding, do not imagine that you must be a partaker of such sin. The truth is, I do not call you to sin in any degree; I call you to Me. Those who will be kept by Me will not seek their counsel of the ungodly. Rather, they will follow the pattern, the example of My Son Jesus.

When Jesus was present in bodily form, He did not seek His counsel or advice of the ungodly; He sought His counsel of Me and He worked where I ordained Him to work. He did not seek to establish His own identity, nor did He choose what His future would be. He knew for a fact that He would face death on the cross, which was a very painful and cruel death. He knew that before His death He would face cruelty, mockery, taunting and beating. He did not refuse the cup; rather, He drank that cup in obedience to Me.

Inasmuch as My Son completed His course, He became the pattern for all true believers to follow. Those who would prove to be true and faithful to Me and to Him will walk in His steps, and they will not turn back to the former lifestyle, nor seek counsel or safety in the world. They will understand that in obedience to My desires they will find the life that is everlasting and eternal.

Those who are obedient vessels will realize that in obedience is found the only life that is worth living for and dying for. I absolutely will not withdraw My mercies from them, inasmuch as they will walk uprightly. I am the God of forgiveness, and I likewise am the God of judgment, and multitudes will be under judgment in these times.

You will see more and more of My wrath, fury and indignation being revealed than ever before. There have been many who have hidden themselves in secret places to commit their abominations and sins that are horrid. However, under the current national covering, they are coming out of hiding and declaring their abominations and gender alterations with pride.

Because they are being gravitated to evil rather than good, they will wax bolder and bolder in their boasting abominations. This is purposed by Me inasmuch as they will not consider repentance, for the same is disgusting to them because their pride is so grossly bloated.

As My ax comes down, many will appear as fallen trees as the forest of filth is being cleared out by My divine angelic host. There have been many sins committed in seclusion. While these wicked imagine themselves to be hidden from My eyes, they are greatly deceived, for I will cause them to reveal their sins to the whole world.

This action on their part will torment them and mock them in hellfire, for they will not be able to escape the torments of their sinful deeds. Nor will they have mesmerized followers who will applaud them for their bravery in rebellion and contempt for Me, the Living God.

While multitudes have imagined that they will escape and find the safe place by an imaginary catching away, they will find themselves left to face the fury of My anger against all who are sinning in major sins. Over and over, the warning has been put forth noticeably by the prophets who have been true to Me for more than an entire generation.

During such time, people fueled and directed by demons have waxed more and more bold and vile in their sins. They have repeatedly chosen the way of their own destruction and damnation. I have sent them messengers with the call to repent. I have sent My Holy Spirit to hover over them to convince them to repent. They have steadfastly refused and gone on and on in the way that is vile, filthy, and cleverly corrupt.

In spite of their trickery and pretension, they do not escape My eyes, for I see all that they think they have hidden. Such ones will be beheaded, that is, all false authority will be cut off from them, and they will no longer be under their own independent rebellion. They will be under My wrath revealed, and the same will prove to be exceedingly swift and just. Be glad even now that you can adhere to Me and come forth rejoicing that I am the God of all and I reign supreme. Follow in the steps of My Son Jesus, and you will know the Christian manifesto in your lives and in your behavior.

It is clearly My desire and intention that you would know the Christian manifesto and follow the commands of My Spirit every step of the way that is intended for you to believe and walk in. When you see the wrath bestowed on the rebellious, know that it is payback for all of their acts of cruelty and character mutilation towards those who are true to Me. Be aware that they will be in confusion, delusion and madness because they are no longer a law unto themselves, for My standard, which is the supreme law above all man-made laws, will be revealed to those who are hungry for Me and want My purposes in their lives.

Thank Me that you can be aware of My plans and dictates, which are not the working of demonically inspired maniacs. Rather, My plans and dictates are revealed by the Holy Spirit to all who will inquire and desire more of Me. Such ones will walk in obedience to the Christian manifesto, and they will be rejoicing, for My wrath is revealed on the wicked, and My mercy on the just.