Christian Manifesto (Part 1)

I speak unto you this day and I say that while the world is busy making their insane manifestos, they consider not that I am higher than all of them and their fantasy inventions. All that it really takes is for Me to pull their life’s breath and they are dead, and all of their great schemes will fall to the ground. Just like a giant balloon that loses its air, all of their schemes and dreams can be brought to naught. Then whatever they have imagined will end up without vision or purpose.

It is Me the Living God who has the Christian manifesto, and no power on earth can bring that manifesto down, because it does not originate with men; it comes from Me. You are living in times when men and women imagine that they are higher than I and that, if I even exist, I am quickly fading away. Their pride and arrogance are as a huge balloon, and it is Me the Living God who can easily deflate them and send them crashing to the ground along with all of their conjectures.

When men and women grow proud, they also grow defiant because they will stubbornly resist all indications that they are fools, and go on in the drunkenness of pride till they end in a helpless heap. If they do not lose their lives, they will lose what they imagine themselves to be and find that in the end they are absolutely nothing before Me.

Thank Me this day that you do not need to be under the dictates of maniac dictators who are in earthly leadership and see themselves as ruling forever. Be thankful that you can be directed and guided by My Holy Spirit each and every day, as you are Mine and I keep you.

Reality is that I have the manifesto that is superior, and when My timing arrives, you will see that what I do is truly greater and more glorious than anything that humankind can do. Be thankful unto Me that you can rely upon Me day by day and partake of the beauty of My kingdom here and now. I do not want you to live in sadness; rather, I want you to live in gladness because you are redeemed and are saved from the misery of madness, as well as the foolery of your own carnality.

It is My intention that I will raise up united believers who will be strong and valiant for My desires. I will manifest the sons and daughters who are true and faithful and are in obedience to My divine intentions. Therefore, be thankful that you can follow the leading and the commands of the Holy Spirit and see the very things unfold before you that will prove to be miraculous and glorious.

I am very tired of all of the foolery that men and women have invented under the inspiration of demons, and the time is ripe for Me to wreak havoc on all of their great schemes and dreams. Realize that men have intentions, but I the Living God am the Creator, and there is nothing that I cannot do. I have every intention of bringing forth the ones who are Mine and setting them on high inasmuch as they have been proven to be true to Me.

There are literally some people who have never known Me, yet I am giving to them the opportunity to be redeemed by believing upon Jesus and walking in His holy way.

It is going to be that I will bring down many world leaders who are now in the heights of their glory. Not only will I bring them down, but their manifestos will be with them in hell to mock and torment them. Likewise, I intend to devastate many who have sought to destroy My true people. They too will end in the darkness and death of their own imaginations and conjectures.

All that has been done by the wicked will be returned to them, and they will be proven to be the liars that they are. Those who are addicted to lying and are greedy liars will be damned, and in the agonies of hell, their lies will mock them day and night. This is their just punishment because they turned aside to lies, and by lies they will be devoured and destroyed.

Be glad even this day that you do not need to live in lies. Rather, you can live in the truth and see My vengeance upon the wicked, both great and small. When people sell their souls to the devil for his intentions, they will pay over and over for all of the wickedness they have done against My people.

I am not mocked, and the mockers who are full of contempt and hatred will see that their lives are utterly ruined. This is because they have chosen to walk in wickedness rather than the holiness they could have had in Me. All of those who end in hell are basically there because they chose against Me and refused to repent.

Do not give yourselves over to bitterness and revenge. Reality is that I am the One who will bring forth My fury upon all who have chosen to violate Me and to “character mutilate” My true believers. There are many even now who have lived only by what the wicked are saying and doing, and they do not even stop to let their own conscience have a say.

Unfortunately, far too many refuse to call evil for what it is, and so most just drink it up because it gives them something to do. However, it is My manifesto that will separate the sheep from the goats and cause the evildoers to be damned.

Be thankful that you have been redeemed from the shackles of sin. The evil will not pull you out of the Christian manifesto, for you are Mine. The Christian manifesto will show openly to the world that My way is greater and that My Son is the manifestation of dedication and consecration to Me.