The Power of Life over Death

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be thankful that it is Me the Living God who has the power of life, and that power prevails over physical and spiritual death. I do not call you to spiritual death; I call you to eternal life in Me. When it is Me that you serve with diligence, it is Me who will receive you when you die or your journey on earth is completed.

I do not reject those who have given their utmost to serve Me with diligence and to be forever thankful that they have been redeemed. I do not appreciate people who are forever murmuring and complaining, with no gratitude in their hearts. Those who are truly expressing their gratitude by how they live their lives are well pleasing to Me. Because they are not flaunting themselves in sin, they are putting themselves in right standing with Me and maintaining their relationship with Me.

In these times when delusion is at an all-time high, multitudes have taken up alien and mutant beliefs that are completely false and delusional. The mutant madness that they are choosing to believe in will cause them many sorrows because they are building on foundations of lies. Those who choose to follow after lies and liars are basically led about by demon forces that want them dead and in hell.

I do not want you to be in such confusion and end up damned by doctrines that are cleverly contrived to convince people that they do not need to follow the old ways of My commandments and My standard. Instead, the demons which motivate such twisted thinking are devising evil and looking for those who will listen to and then be covered in the darkness of the same. Know of a surety that when I the Living God do call you to My way, it is My intention that you would not listen to the doctrines of devils that are so convincing and confusing.

Do not be led astray by those who are forever expressing to you that they have superior knowledge when really they are taking what others have labored for in times past and claiming the parts they like to be their own. Do not think that I give those who are false messengers special revelation. I absolutely do not. I call My people to walk in the way that I provide and to be thankful for that way.

When you hear those who are twisting the truth in order to promote themselves, know that such ones are definitely not ordained or called of Me. The truth is that they are ordained of the devil and his demons, who have a hook in their noses and are leading them around in the delusional doctrines that will bring My people down into death and leave them there.

The devil and his demons are clever in their doctrines and delusions. I have not intended that My people would have the devil and his demons direct them and lead them astray and cause them to be damned through sin. My people are meant to value most highly the privilege they have to be redeemed from the penalty of sin and to be going forth in the new life they have gained through Jesus. Be glad this day that you do not need to walk afar off and be under the death of the same. Rather, you can be uplifted and given the opportunity repeatedly to be in gratitude towards Me.

It is senseless to live and die and then face hell in the end. The wise persons will see that they need to assure themselves of eternal life with Me by choosing to live for Me. As they are keeping their commitments to Me, they are brought forth and given the abundance of life that I intend for them and are led forth by My Spirit. I do not want you to go astray from Me and be found in the way of the damned.

Do not allow your minds to be filled with doctrines of devils, for the same will bring you many sorrows and heartaches. There is no reason to go after strange, alien and mutant doctrines and the teachers who promote such delusions and confusing entanglements. Be glad each day that through Me you are kept in the spirit of soberness and given the opportunity that I provide to be kept and guided forth, knowing that I am the God who cares for your souls.

It is intended that My people would strive for the mastery, and that means they refuse the enticements to enchantment that the devil would throw at them, because the same will destroy them. When you look at the ones who have departed from Me yet are claiming that it is Me that they love, they are foolish because they do not love Me at all. What they love is emptiness, vanity, and darkness. All the while, they love to hear enchanting tales that are full of lies yet stir the listeners in their curiosity and false interest.

You are not needing to show your culture or how high class you are. You are intended to display how much you can remain faithful and true to Me as the One who gives you the chance to live again. Consider that you were dead in trespasses and sins, and the same kept you far from Me. I do not want you far from Me; I want you near to Me and ever thankful to be in the company of the redeemed.

In this age of visualization, multitudes are found to have eyes full of adultery and discontentment. They are actually ripe for the harvest of death because they are choosing those meaningless things that draw My people into the snare of no return. Be glad that you are not under the cruelty that once plagued you and caused you great sorrow. I will be bringing one joy after another if you are faithful and true to Me as your God, and you will be able to rejoice and give thanks for the power of life.