You Are Not Forgotten

I speak unto you this day and I say: Know that you are not forgotten, for it is Me the Living God who will hold you forever in My protection and safety. Therefore, though the enemies have sought to destroy you and cause you to be put to death, I have been, and I still am with you.

Those who abandon themselves to Me do not need to be fearful, nor fretful, for it is Me the Living God who will keep them each day in the security that I alone can give to them. You do not need to fear with the fears that beset the wicked, but you can trust and believe in Me, for I am the One who cares for you and gives My angels charge over you.

Know that while others are trembling in fear and sorrow, I the Living God have given to you My Holy Spirit, and My Spirit remains ever present with you, and you are guided, directed, and instructed in the ways that will keep you each day.

As you know, there are multitudes who are far from Me and filling their lives on vanity and vexation. I do not call you to live in such a way; I call you to live in Me, for I am the One who cares for you and wants you to understand that no matter where others are living, you are not forgotten. Those who are far from Me pay for their choices over and over because those who are opposing Me are finding their lives empty.

All across the nation, there are swarms of people with no reason for existence except anger and hatred for their own lives. Multitudes of them can be seen on the streets, living desolated, dying unknown and in shame to display what happens when people are without Me.

I never intended, in a land where I had shown so much mercy and forgiveness and great abundance, for people to be hopeless and helpless, living on the level of existence that is desperate. Yet because of bad politics, these forgotten ones are living and dying with no one to even mourn their death when it comes upon them. How many of these ones are addicted as the consequence of an overabundance of legal drugs that are taking from them all desire to do anything for themselves.

I have never intended for men and women to be existing on such a realm, and yet they are, because the world is insane and the leadership is taking the nation and its people farther and farther from Me and into the realms of insanity, where many are totally confused and depressed by even the chore of daily existence.

Be thankful unto Me that you are not among the forgotten, those who, because they abandoned Me, are left to deal with demonic powers day after day. Because they are grossly oppressed and depressed by the demon powers that rule over them, they have no hope for anything in their lives except, in many cases, where and how they will get their next drugs to cope with their miseries.

Living in a vicious cycle, they drag from day to day, making themselves at home on sidewalks, streets, alleys, causing many businesses to collapse, and their owners to give up, because their businesses have become the habitat of the endless army of homeless who are increasing daily. In localities where there is food for free and availability of free legal drugs, the homeless gather in camps that cover block after block.

Realize that the future of men, women and children is very sad to see, for their lives are sordid and unclean, hopeless, homeless and forgotten, because they allowed themselves to be taken control of by demonic powers, and the same have made them what they are. It has never been My intention for people to end in such a desperate state of being. Yet because of their own wayward desires, they go in the pathway of death only to end in damnation.

Consider that life on earth is very miserable for millions of people throughout the world because of poverty. However, in such a nation as this, the ones who are choosing such conditions of poverty are doing so out of rebellion, not because they have to live the way that they do. I will receive anyone who cries out to Me, and I will bring them forth in the newness of life that comes to them when they believe in Jesus My Son and repent to Him.

It gives Me joy to see the ones who are forgotten come alive by believing in Jesus and coming forth in the reconciliation to Me and My world family of believers. There is hope even for the hopeless and homeless if they will repent and call upon Me through Jesus, the only Savior to be found. Be glad when you see anyone who has been in captivity to demons come to Jesus and be delivered and set free to serve Him and become a part of My divine love family.

It is not pleasurable to Me to see people damned by their dumbness and despondent choices. Thank Me that you can bear witness even to the ones who appear to be so far from hope and sanity in their lives. Remember, when you are bearing witness of Me, you will not be ashamed, for there will be fruit out of faithfulness to Me. Be glad that you are not among the forgotten, forlorn droves who are being driven by demons.

As you are serving in the attitude of gratitude, so will you see repeatedly that there is none who is like Me, for I reign supreme. Be thankful that, as you are not forgotten, you can trust Me with your lives. Better to be kept in My protection than to follow independence and end up in desolation, despair and damnation. Give thanks that you are not forgotten by Me, your Creator.