Hearts on Fire

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who desires that My people would allow the Holy Spirit to give them hearts on fire for My purpose and desire. There are multitudes who are claiming to be My people, yet they are not aflame for Me. Instead, their desires are for the world and the vanities of the same. I find them to be adulterous because they have no passion for My kingdom and My purpose. Instead, their desires are for the things that pass away.

Consider the sacrifice of Jesus, who gave His entire being for My purpose and My plan. He did not maintain His individualism, nor His independence from Me. Instead, He was aflame for My purpose and My desire. He allowed the Holy Spirit to lead Him in the consecration and the dedication that He was meant to have. He was not separated from Me, but He was dedicated to My purpose and My plan.

So it is that when people are on fire for Me, they will be strong and do exploits because they are allowing themselves to burn with the holy fire, and by that, they continue no matter what the cost to themselves. When My people are so set and determined to remain on fire for Me, they pay a price for the same. That is, they must continually be willing to die to themselves and consecrate, dedicate, and follow Me at all costs. It is indeed a good thing to know that it is Me that you can give your all unto.

Think about the vain things that people in these times give themselves unto. They will give themselves to the things that are shallow and meaningless, and by the same end up desolate. You are not meant to be desolate, nor are you meant to be lost. You are meant to be found abiding in Me as the One who loves you and wants you to come forth ever uplifted, directed and guided in the reality of My power and presence.

There are endless souls perishing day by day because multitudes of those who claim that they are Mine are not attentive to the Holy Spirit’s commands and are absorbed in pleasing SELF as well as the world. They have no love for My intentions, vision or purpose. They have allowed themselves to be ruled by their own carnality and the modes and trends of this world. Such ones are a grief to Me because they are not seeking for what I intend in any way whatsoever.

While the fields are ripe unto harvest, the harvest rots in the field because there are none who will listen and obey the command to “go into all the world and preach the gospel.” Literally, I hold generations responsible for what they do and do not do.

When men, women, and children are refusing Me and the call that I have for them, they are bringing to themselves many sorrows. These sorrows will come because they are refusing My will, and by the same, they will suffer in this life and the life to come in hell.

The fact is plain that I do not want people to worship the god of SELF, because the same is never satisfied, and by trying to please such a god, they will find themselves vexed.

It is very beneficial to allow the Holy Spirit to do a heart checkup on you and to let you know by the same where you stand with Me. When you are willing to endure the Holy Spirit checkup, you will see whether or not you have grown lame and lost your first love for Me. I do not find pleasure in those who refuse the needed checkup, then claim that they have benefited by doing what they want, not what I want.

It is important to keep attentive to the way that I provide, for the same is life and love and will take you along the pathway that means eternity with Me, and not hell, surrounded by vexed, tormented souls. Remember that I am the source who is available through My Holy Spirit, to give to you all that you need every day, that you are uplifted and guided in My way.

Be thankful that you are not intended to pursue the course that leads to damnation. You are intended to go forward and know that there’s always hope when you are keeping Me as your first love and allowing your hearts to be on fire for Me.

When you hear of the ones who have purposed themselves to go after the vanities of this world, they are choosing the way that I never intended for them, and that way will prove to be death for their souls.

I do not want you to be dead in trespasses and sins; I want you alive and active for My kingdom, for it is the kingdom that remains. When the idols of men have crumbled and nations are nothing more than a forgotten entity, remember that I remain. When your old nature, SELF, is shriveled and dries up, I remain and will give to you eternal life with Me when you pass out of this existence here on earth.

It is not My intention that you would be swept up in the way that will prove to be devastation and despair. It is My intention that you will come forth ever knowing that My way is supreme and perfect. Whatever you do, keep steadily advancing in My way, and let your hearts burn with divine desire and remain on fire for Me.

Those who love Me enough to express their love through obedience and take action for My kingdom are found in favor with Me. Those who reject obedience and take action for other gods are outright fools, and they will end up devastated and damned at the end of their journey on earth if they don’t repent and return to Me. Do all that you can to keep burning with love for Me, because those who are loving Me are loved by Me.