Combat Corruption or Be Corrupted

I speak unto you this day and I say that inasmuch as the war goes on, so does the evil corruption that is rotting the very fiber of people as well as nations. It is not My intention that those who are Mine would grow weary and stop combating the corruption that is so obviously present in these times. It is not My desire for people and nations to collapse to corruption and rot themselves to death.

When you see the ones who have stopped fighting against the evil rottenness that is so dominant in these times, they have stopped looking to Me as their source of strength and safety. Instead, they are giving way to the demonic attack of demons against their physical bodies and allowing themselves to be completely exhausted and worn out. I do not want My people worn out; I want them to be rejuvenated by Me as they obey the commands and directives of My Holy Spirit.

Be thankful this day that you are not being led about by demons and by the same at war with Me. Rather, you are led by My Spirit and enabled to be at peace with Me and in subjectivity to My Spirit. Be glad even now that through Me you are being uplifted, directed and guided in the path, and given the strength that comes of Me.

I do not want to see My people misguided, misdirected and corrupted by the demonic spirits that have been unleashed and are causing trouble to multitudes. Consider that you are not intended to be defeated by deceiving demons. You are meant to be discerning such entities so that they do not take you into the ditch of despair and despondency.

It is indeed a great privilege to be in combat for My kingdom. If you consider the kingdoms, republics, and nations that people are willing to fight for, none of them gives an assurance of salvation, inasmuch as most wars that transpire among humankind are because they are driven by lust, by greed, and by the superstitious belief that they are invincible. Be thankful that you are well aware that the gods of men are nothing more than idols and they have no power. Such entities are seen as idols, and they cause troubles never ending to the ones who are Mine.

Therefore, realize that the reality of this war that goes on is never ending, as long as there are wicked, evil and deceptive forces in the world. Be aware that as soldiers of the cross, you are not meant to give in to those forces of darkness that want you to be devoured and destroyed. You are meant to continue to wage the battle against such demonic entities. Realize that much of what they are able to do is because people are living in fear, not faith. Do not be corrupted by fear, for the same brings torment and will weaken you and cause you to be double-minded.

The soldier who is double-minded will not be fit for active-duty combat because such a one will not have the stamina and the courage that it takes to combat corruption. This is because that soldier or those soldiers have been corrupted by the assaults of demons, and their minds are overshadowed with doubt and unbelief. Do not enter into doubtful disputations in your minds against My Spirit and allow the same to flourish, for the same will end you in defeat, discouragement and despair.

Continue steadfast, not wavering nor turning away from My Spirit. Instead, keep actively alert and prepared at all times to combat the corruption that is rotting the very foundations of the nations. More than anything, keep aware that the way that I provide is the way of victory. As My troops, you are not meant to give way to weariness and believe the lying spirits that have encamped against you and sought to suck your energy out of you.

Let it be Me that you continue to believe in every single day, and let it be Me who is desirous of giving to you exactly what you need in every circumstance and situation. The more that My people adhere to Me, the more they are guided forth and directed in the abundance of life that is found in and through trusting Me. You are not meant to let the demonic forces chatter at you all day and listen to such rottenness.

Rather, rebuke, refute, and refuse to be infiltrated by the double agents who are really workers of darkness and iniquity, wanting to devour any and all they can grab hold of. If and when I give to you a position of authority over My people, do not grow tired of the way things go. Realize that your carnal mind is not to be trusted to lead you forth in faith and confidence in Me the Living God. This is because the carnal mind is full of corruption and puts the stench of death on the ones who are relying on their own understanding and misinterpretation of My words.

Keeping this in mind, remain thankful that you do not need to be plagued unnecessarily with the deceiving spirits that would want to land on you as flies who are full of filthiness and uncleanness. Wallow not in weariness, nor dive into the quicksand of unbelief, for both actions will cause you many troubles and drive a wedge between you and Me. You are called to remain active in service to Me and for My kingdom till the day you die and are remembered no more.

Be thankful that you are trusted to do battle against the forces of darkness, and that you can see clearly how important it is to maintain your stand and requirement for combat readiness.