The War Goes On

The true Christian sooner or later comes to the revelation revolution reality that they are literally born into war, and that, if they are continuing steadfast, they will see that the war goes on: the war for their own souls and the souls of their loved ones. The war goes on against the forces of evil, and the war goes on that takes them into the depths of prayer as they cry out to Me in neediness and desperation.

There is continual war in the spiritual dimension, as souls are being continually ravaged and raped by the forces of darkness and left to die in heaps of ruination, only to end in hell. The Christian soldier born for war will not allow the innocent to be snatched up by demon forces without warning. Instead, the true soldiers of the cross put their lives on the line, go into danger zones, and do not stop. No matter the perils, those who have dedicated themselves to God’s Army will not turn back to save themselves. Instead, they will press onward and upward and know that there is no defeat for them as they push onward.

Of course, that does not mean that they will not be faced with battles. That means they will keep on as the war goes on, because they are intended to continue in the way and the purpose that I have intended, which means in essence that they do not draw back nor turn away because they are being persecuted, prosecuted, and even put in prison. No, they will press onward into the battle and realize that I send My angels with them in the spiritual dimension, and they must continue to represent My kingdom.

It takes true courage to go onward after the enemies have plotted and schemed against you, and wicked officials have sought to destroy all that you have ever stood for, because you remained identified with Jesus Christ, My Son. As you joined in the ranks of the tried, the true, the holy who have gone before you and are now in the cloud of witnesses, know that you must keep your vows just as they kept theirs. These ones did not turn back, nor did they attempt to keep their lives. Instead, they gave their lives just as Jesus gave His life as a ransom for many.

When you make it your practice to lay your lives down, you will not be fit for demonic consumption. This is because you are giving yourselves over to be used in whatsoever way I ordain and choose for you. The way that I choose for My troops is the way of dedication and consecration to the cause of Jesus and the saving of souls from hell. My people will move together in unity, and they will not be afraid of the enemies that want to see them dead. They will realize, as the war goes on, how much they need to be united as one and accomplish what I want them to do.

I do not want My people to surrender to the demon forces that are on every hand. I want them to keep steady and serve with gladness and rejoicing each day because they are given newness of life as they cry out to Me. Do not hesitate to accomplish what I desire of you, for when you are doing as I ordain, you will not be left alone but you will be continually uplifted and shown the infinite mercies of who I am. Be glad that you do not have to walk afar off from Me and go in the way of fools. Rather, you can remain near to Me, even when the battle is raging and demons are screaming.

Keep attentive to hear the commands of My Spirit and obey them for they are given to you that you will not back up and go after the wickedness that is all about. You are not meant to pursue the ways of the wicked, you are meant to pursue the course that I have given for you to come forth in and be glad that I am the resource who guides you forth by a plain path and gives you abundance of mercies each day.

Do not falter, as you are not meant to be a casualty. You are meant to realize that I do send My angels to keep you in every circumstance, and that those do not turn back from their assignments. Likewise, I want you to keep steady in your calling and come forth each day rejoicing that you can indeed represent Me to a lost and dying world.

When you hear the cries of the perishing, do not turn a deaf ear because you are suffering from battle fatigue. Rather, know and understand that I am ever present and I do not leave you. As you call upon Me in the midst of battle, so do I immediately send My warrior angels to assist you, as they are carrying swords and are well able to deal with violent demons that are athirst for blood.

As you understand the vastness of the war that goes on in the spiritual dimension, realize that there is no retirement, just refinement, whereby you gain new strength to continue, not looking back, but pressing onward. Inasmuch as you suffer for identity with Jesus, realize that there are multitudes who know nothing but suffering in this life here on earth because of their Jesus identity.

Do not look at your particular situation and imagine that there is no hope for you. There is hope when you keep your focus on Me and not your circumstances. I do not call My troops to be governed by circumstances; I call those united believers to be governed by faith and trust in the Holy Spirit’s commands and dictates.

I do not want you to give in to weariness and abandon your position. I want you to know the war goes on, and you are in that war. Do not look to collapse. Believe, and conquer the enemies.