Contingency on Dependency

I speak unto you this day and I say that the contingency on dependency is very important with respect to My kingdom. Those who will continue steadfast in Me are the ones who will be reliant upon Me and trusting that I AM who I say that I am. It is My intention that My people know and understand the importance of reliance on Me and follow My Spirit wherever and whenever it leads.

There are multitudes who claim that they are Mine, yet their dependency is on the world, and their lives are not cohesive as I ordain. Those who are looking to the world are looking for disappointment and trouble on every hand because their hearts are far from Me. The reality of the world at this time is that it is brutal, violent and fickle. To have one’s contingency on dependency reliant on the world is to have misplaced allegiance and reliance on shifting sands.

I desire that those who are claiming to be Mine would keep their dependency on Me because they realize that I alone am the righteous God and that the shifting sands of today’s world are insane, unpredictable and tyrannical. As My people will look to Me and rely upon Me, they will be brought forth and they will understand that I am the One who matters and I am the One who cares for them. It is foolish to let your hearts go out to anything that is not Me, because when you do so, then you are left empty and by the same unable to cope with what is happening in these times.

How important it is that you do not deviate and go away from the truth that I provide and then be under the burden of the world. The world will always have burdens because it is full of sin, and sin is heaviness that ends in death. I am not calling you to be carrying around false burdens and be dragged down by the same. You are meant to carry My burden and in the same be yoked with Jesus, who says that the yoke is easy and the burden is light.

The necessity of remaining dependent is because the forces of hell are ever present and demanding of as many souls as demons can round up and herd into the traps already laid waiting for them. Do not by any means fail to declare what the Holy Spirit is desiring of you when it comes to souls.

I do not want to see souls damned. I would rather see them saved by the blood of Jesus and brought forth in newness of life. However, without repentance, they are headed to their own destruction and damnation. Be glad even now that you are not dependent on the world’s guidance over your lives. To accept the guidance and instruction of the world is to accept the way of the damned and being cooperative with demonic powers.

You are not called to be in cooperation with demons; you are called to be in cooperation with My Spirit and to follow the same. Truly, those who are finding their lives in Me to be of value are the ones who are willing to see that the contingency of their salvation is their dependency on Me.

Many will assume that they are all right because they have prayed the salvation prayer at one time in their lives. However, the truth is that they will find out too late that they should have sought Me and communicated with Me. I want people who will walk uprightly and seek My Spirit’s guidance over their lives. This is because I want people to worship Me in spirit and in truth. Do not settle for only a prayer one time, but seek for Me with all of your hearts, and cherish the mercies you receive because of Jesus’ sacrifice for you.

Serve Me each day in the attitude of gratitude and know that I am the God of goodness to those who put their dependency upon Me. Be earnest about establishing and maintaining your relationship with Me because I am the One you love and want to please. Do not seek to alter your communication with Me in order to please other people. Some grow cold towards Me and depart from pleasing Me into pleasing people. I do not want them to go there; they choose it of their own accord.

Those who are people pleasers are full of falsity and are basically pretenders, for while they are pleasing people, they are not pleasing Me. There are many in hell who were considered reputable by others, but they were disreputable before Me. This is because their dependency was based on the contingency of what people could do for them. In such a way, they strayed from the straight and narrow and went for the broad way, and were participants in many aspects of behavior that were not right before Me.

Be consistent and persistent in your relationship with Me because I am the One who you will face when your journey on earth is over. No man or woman will stand with you and testify of how great you are. What determines the destination of people is where their relationship is with Me. I do not find pleasure in the ones who have sold out for the approval of men and neglected approval by Me. Consider how transitory such a life is, because multitudes are choosing to be losing by going after the dullness and darkness of carnality.

Those who have become darkened and dimmed in their interaction with Me are walking on thin ice because they are not staying alert and alive in Me, nor are they desiring Me. Some prefer the luxuries of the world. Others want only to go after the vanity of their own way. Still others want fame and fortune, all for naught. Dependency on carnality is damnation of soul.