Before It’s Too Late

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not be as those who are putting off what I am wanting them to do and imagining that in the same they are gaining. Really, they are losing because they are not walking in the fear of Me. Rather, they are listening to their own carnal reasoning and obeying the same.

I do not call you to listen to your carnality above My Spirit. Rather, you are intended to listen to and follow the commands of My Spirit that you are brought forth under the power and the anointing of the same. Even My Son Jesus was sent forth to accomplish His earthly mission under the power of the Holy Spirit.

It is sad to see so many in these times who will say that they are Christians, yet they do not listen to or obey the commands of My Spirit. Instead, they are remaining carnal and are governed by their old carnal mind and reasoning. In the same, they are moving in opposition to my intention for them and going in the direction that is not right and goes on a one-way street headed the wrong way. The wrong way will end them in hell before they even repent, because they have hardened their hearts and stiffened their necks.

The reality of the walk that is intended for My people is one of obedience and respect towards Me. As My Holy Spirit directs, so are My people meant to go. They are not meant to follow their own understanding and by the same enter into rebellion against My purpose and plan for their lives. Those who refuse to obey the directives of the Holy Spirit will find themselves lacking because they have refused the Spirit’s commands. It is foolish to claim kinship in the divine love family, then choose in opposition to the same. I absolutely do not want you in opposition; I want you in cooperation with the anointing that is found in obedience.

Therefore, do not wait until it is too late, but bring all things into obedience unto Me, even your thoughts, because those thoughts, if left to run wild, can lead you into a ditch and cause you sore distress and dismay. I do not want you to be overwhelmed and taken captive by the very things that are so perverted and prominent in these times. I want you to be attentive to Me as the One who you are to seek to please. It is dangerous to please yourselves, for the carnal mind is fueled by demonic input and the same will bring you into degradation, destruction and damnation.

I am the One who desires for people to be kept in the goodness I have for those who remain faithful and true to Me. I do not find pleasure in the ones who are ever delaying their obedience to Me, procrastinating and pretending when they should be in absolute obedience and compliance with My intentions for their lives. The reality of life is simply that I want My people to walk in the steps that Jesus walked, so that they can follow in the way that is divine wisdom, not carnal understanding.

Therefore, do not allow your lives to be filled with trivia and busybody gossip about everything that comes along. Instead, pray as often as you can, and instead of gossiping pray for those that you would want to gossip about. Likewise, do not settle into a mode of resentment because things do not go according to your plans. Be thankful that you are receiving the Spirit’s instructions, directions and purposes for your lives.

It is indeed a good thing to be ever directed, corrected, and shown how important it is that you are walking uprightly and pursuing the course that has been set before you. Make it your practice to serve each day in the attitude of gratitude, because as you do, then you can see clearly that I do not withhold any good thing from you but that I give to you the abundance of resources that will cause you pleasure and not displeasure in this life.

Multitudes have chosen the course that is deadly, the way that is trouble, and the purpose that I never intended for them. In such choices, there is found the core of rebellion that will keep them from moving in swift obedience to the commands of My Spirit. Because they do not move before it’s too late, they are the ones who are held in captivity and bondage, and perish because of their inability and inaction regarding Spirit commands.

Be thankful unto Me that you can move in obedience and do not have to follow the carnal mind and find that the same led multitudes into a ditch of destruction and damnation. It is clearly My desire and intention that those who are Mine are in obedience and glad to be there. Such ones will not begrudge or resent their obedience unto Me. Rather, they will be thankful that they can render Me obedience in all that they do and be glad that I am their God and their Maker.

Far too many are neglecting to prepare for their eternal futures. While they will buy all kinds of insurance and think that the same will protect them and their families, they fail to gain the real security that matters. It is truly the fools who are pursuing what their carnality wants in this life without respect for their futures once they die and leave this earth.

They will find themselves in hell and with no way of escape. They will cry and moan and wail in repentance, but it will be too late because they stubbornly refused to enter into the timing I had. Instead, they imagined they had plenty of time and waited too long. Do not be so foolish as they have been. Rather, walk in the fear of Me, respecting and honoring Me by obeying the Holy Spirit’s commands before it’s too late and hell closes her gate.