Rebound Recovery

I speak unto you this day and I say that if you have been knocked down by the enemy forces that are against you, do not remain down. Instead, I want you to spring up as much as you are able, and I will help you to rebound and recover. It is very important that those who cry out to Me realize that I am the One who can give them the strength that they have need of in order to rise up and go forward.

It is not My intention that My people would cave in to self-pity and take on themselves the sorrows that they are not supposed to carry. As My people see how important it is to shun self-pity, they will be enabled to come forth in the strength, power and glory that are available through Me. Those who are choosing the ugliness of the world are choosing for that which is death and will cause them to sin. There is no reason to give way to sin; there is every reason to rebound, get up, and go onward as I provide the resource to do so.

There are many ways that the enemy forces attack, and at times those attacks are so brutal and cruel that many people give up and do not rebound, nor do they recover. Instead, they live their lives in self-pity and want to tell everyone their problems and their pains. However, the same turns into a shallow grave, in the sense that many have become invalids or wheelchair bound because of their mental attitudes.

This is not to say that their pains and pressures are not real. They are, and when they come under the suffering, they forget that I am the God who is well able to heal, to give them strength to rebound and recover from whatever it is that is troubling them. The truth is that everyone, both saved and unsaved, will undergo suffering in this life on earth. The demons of self-pity want to isolate the sufferers and tell them that they are suffering so unbearably that they cannot take another pain or go another day. Such is not true, for I am ever present to give to those who call upon Me.

Be thankful that as My people, you are not meant to be overwhelmed and overtaken by the cruelties that befall you in this life. Rather, call upon Me, for I am the One who is ever available, and I will give to you exactly what you need in order to be uplifted, guided, and given mercy. I answer those who call upon Me, and if they listen and obey the commands of My Spirit, they will find that I do not withhold any good thing from them. I am the God of goodness, and so do I give the goodness to My people who are continuing to believe and trust in Me.

Know for a surety that by keeping your faith in Me there is hope that you will be rebounding and recovering from however you have been assailed and wounded. Reality is that the devil and his demon forces hate My people, just as they hate Me, My Son, and My Holy Spirit. Therefore, do not hesitate to hope and believe; then you receive. Be aware that at times, the recovery may not be instant. However, that is a learning time, and those who are attentive to Me will understand more as they progress.

I will enlighten My people and give to them the truth that they need if they wait patiently upon My Spirit. My intention is that those who are to be used by Me as a testimony unto others would obey My Spirit and move in the direction My Spirit is leading them, that they do not fall backwards and become overwhelmed by the darkness of these times.

It is indeed a good thing to serve Me each day and to come forth in the power of who I am, because it is not always by the swift or the strong that the race is won. It is by the ones who rebound, recover and finish the course set before them. Be glad this day that you can keep believing and serving in the attitude of gratitude no matter how much the enemy forces have sought to take you down and devastate your confidence in Me.

Do not yield to the pressures, the pains, the setbacks, and the attacks that have come against you. Rather, keep yielding to Me and see that I am there through My Spirit, and I will send those to you who will give you a hand up and encourage you. It is not intended that you would be proud and refusing to receive the help that I provide. It is intended that you would come forth in the way that I have already prepared.

There are many things to learn in your journey here on earth, and no one knows it all. Those who are behaving in the way that I intend are enabled time and again to rebound because they are not being tripped up by the wallow of self-pity and falling into the same.

Those who have refused to receive the abundance of goodness and mercy that I bring to souls are foolish, for they think that by their own strength they can do everything and stubbornly cling to their own abilities. However, in their independent pride, they miss out on many mercies and the very goodness that comes of being born again into My kingdom. In the end, they will suffer more in hell because they refused the salvation forgiveness that could have been theirs had they accepted Jesus Christ My Son as their Savior.

Be knowing of a surety that I will give a helping hand of recovery to those who have even slipped into the mire of sin when they sincerely cry out in repentance and desire to change. It gives Me pleasure to see the ones who are rebounding and recovering and by the same are enabled to testify that it is a blessed thing to be able to call upon Me and receive My mercies.