Reconciliation Revolution

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is indeed time for reconciliation revolution, that men, women and children will hear the call to REPENT and obey the same. I do not delight in seeing people damned forever because they are bound in sins and steeped in wickedness. I desire to see people set free that they would come forth in the way that I intend and provide.

Far too many in these times have hardened their hearts and stiffened their necks and neglected honoring Me as their Creator, their Maker. Instead, they have listened to the insane babblers who have fed them with the rebellion that is so common in these times. Eating of that which is hateful and vengeful only fills them with bitterness, and they regurgitate the same. I do not want people to come under such a covering, for the same is destructive.

Know that I do not want you to be destroyed; I want you to be uplifted and given the hope that is found when you are willing to continue in repentance and be partaking and active in reconciliation revolution. If you stop and think how many broken marriages, homes and lives there are in these times, why is it so? It is because pride swells up, and people are unable to say “I am sorry” and mean it. Instead, they choose to live in pride, which is abomination before Me, and that pride causes them to be unable to bend the knee and humble themselves.

Stop and consider that to be able to repent is truly a blessing that can only come from Me. When you are offended and your brother or sister comes and tells you, “I am sorry, please forgive me,” do you forgive, or do you continue to hold a grudge? It is foolishness to be holding on to those things that are petty rather than holding on to the fact that as true believers you are meant to be forgiving one another.

When you keep your vision single unto Me, then you will appreciate the mercies that I am able to give to you each day and realize that the mercies I give are My blessing. Likewise, if I am giving you mercy and forgiving you when you repent, do likewise towards others that they can understand that I am the God who loves you and wants you ever kept by Me. I do not want My people to allow the devil to drive wedges between them and cause them heartache and sorrow.

I want My people to be actively participating in the reconciliation revolution, not only with one another but with those who are hungry for salvation yet do not have the same. Consider that My Son Jesus gave His very life that men, women and children could be reconciled to Me and given the forgiveness mercies that I intend for all who repent.

It is not intended that the devil and his demons gain the advantage over My people because they are not in the attitude of forgiveness and bearing long with one another. When the ones who are Mine will see how truly good it is to be reconciled to Me through salvation, they will want others to experience the same. This means that they will be willing to labor and to fight the good fight of faith, believing that I am able to bring forth even the most wretched and miserable.

Multitudes allow the bitterness of begrudging to cause them internal problems, then they ventilate those problems on others, without consideration as to how much pain they spread. When you see the root of bitterness rise up and show forth its ugly head, call out such a spirit that it does not take control of your lives. You are not intended to be bitter; you are intended to be submitted to Me as the One who loves you and wants you to live in reconciliation rather than separation from Me.

Be glad this day that I do give you everything that you have need of in this time when multitudes so desperately need to be reconciled to Me and enabled to come forth rejoicing. Therefore, do not look to see men, women and children damned. Rather, be thankful when they repent and are reconciled to Me as their Savior and Lord.

More than anything, it is My purpose at this time that My true ones would keep active at reconciliation revolution to put out the net and gather in the souls. Because of the inactivity of many of those who are claiming they are Mine, souls are perishing and believers are warring against each other rather than the devil. When they are doing this, then they prove that they are out of coordination with My Holy Spirit.

I want My people to be in agreement with My Spirit and daily participating with Me in what it is that I want of them. Those who are really following My Holy Spirit will be uplifted and enabled to participate fully in the reconciliation revolution, inasmuch as they are fully aware that Jesus gave His life for sinners to be brought to reconciliation to Me and My kingdom through repentance.

Make it your practice every day to do what I want you to do, and do not allow bitterness or hardness of heart to grab hold of any area of your life or in your personal relationships. Consider that it is a good thing to keep following Me each day and be steadfast in this time of violence, upheaval, insanity, and drunkenness of pride gone wild.

Over and over, practice what you are meant to do in order to reconcile yourselves to Me by forgiving and walking humbly each day. Realize that to be redeemed and reconciled to Me is indeed revolution.