Insubordination Ends in Damnation

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be aware that insubordination leads to damnation. When people continually rebel against My order and My intention for their lives, they are fools. This is because they are choosing in opposition to Me and going after that which I never intended for them. In such behaviors, they prove themselves to be dumb and dull spiritually, for they are yielding themselves to those things that are demonically inspired.

Those who are in violation of Me and do not repent are literally the enemies of My purpose, and they are condemned already because of their rebellion and seditious behavior towards My standards and My laws. The times you are living in are times of gross darkness, in the sense that people are daily looking for ways to rebel against Me. Such behavior is obviously because they are stuck in insubordination, and they will end in damnation.

Do not imagine that I do not give to people chance after chance to repent and turn from their wicked ways. Repeatedly, I send My Holy Spirit to overshadow them and to bear witness to their sins and atrocities in order to convict them of their transgressions. However, they only harden their hearts and grow more stiff-necked and rebellious against Me as their Maker and their God.

When you see the ones who are choosing to be losing, know that before Me they are nothing more than grass, for they will grow up, be for a season, and then die and be blown away by the wind. When you see the ones who are living in opposition to Me, know that it is because they imagine that they know better than they do. They do not, because they are violators and their rebellious behaviors make them meaningless before Me, for they will be damned by the choices they make. Their persistent disrespect towards Me will prove that they are not worthy, for they are hell bound.

My kingdom in heaven does not receive the rebellious, and the ones who persist in disrespecting Me while on earth are choosing to be damned by their overt disobedience. I do not respect or regard such ones, for they mean nothing to Me because of what they are doing and continue to do. Be alert to the fact that I am the God of holiness and righteousness, and My glory remains. Why would I ever want the rebellious to come into the kingdom wherein I abide with My Son, the Holy Spirit, and the great cloud of witnesses of the ones who went all the way for Me?

Those who have yielded themselves to insubordination are in essence filled with contamination that contradicts all that I created humankind to be. When I created the human species, they were created to be in cooperation with Me. They were not intended to be in cooperation with the world and the ugliness of the same.

The sad reality is that multitudes prefer filthiness to cleanliness, and abomination is more savory to them because they are trapped in the filthiness of the flesh. To Me, they are repulsive and repugnant because they are so sure that they are right. However, they are not in cooperation with My purposes and My plan. They are in cooperation with the abominations that destroy.

The wisdom of this world is foolishness before Me, and those who want to partake of the world’s ways are partaking of the darkness that comes upon them to crush them. Those who have chosen to be losers will not come forth in the new life. Instead, they will be as the chaff that is blown away by the wind that completely sweeps away the dead grass as well as the chaff, and no one knows why that is.

However, I know, and I do not find any pleasure in destroying the losers, yet I must, because of how full of contamination they are, while they themselves are smug and so sure that nothing will happen to them. Yes, men imagine that they can do as they please. They are living in a fool’s paradise, because there is none who can do as they please and be found well pleasing to Me. I am definitely not recruiting unrepentant rebels.

Yet, if a foolish rebel repents and seeks to change his or her ways, then such a one is given the opportunity to be found in My kingdom. I want people who are humble enough to see that they need to be under the leadership that I provide. I do intend that those who are born again of the seed of Christ would be submitted to receive the instruction and direction they have need of in order to be directed in the life and the light that I provide. Why not be thankful that it is Me you can look to, believe in, and trust each day? For I am the One who has your good in mind.

I do not intend that those who are claiming to be Mine would allow the rebellion and insubordination of these times to grab hold of them and cause them to fall away and end in the ditch of damnation. I want My people to realize that they have been redeemed from the penalties of their sins and that they need to be thankful for the same. Those who are loving Me are meant to rejoice each day that My way is the only way that is eternal life. All other paths lead to death and damnation.

When you are serving in the attitude of gratitude, you will understand what a blessed privilege you have to serve Me with all of your hearts, all of your strength, and to remain submitted to Holy Spirit’s commands. It is a blessed thing to be covered by My Spirit and guided by the same. It is a dreadful thing to be in the realms of insubordination that end in damnation.