Imaginary Image

I speak unto you this day and I say that there are multitudes throughout the ages who have had, and even till this day still have imaginary images of who and what is god. Some have conjured up endless images as their minds have been fueled by demonic spirits that have convinced them that such things are god or gods. I declare to you that such deceptions and delusions have caused men, women and children to commit atrocities and horrid deeds that I have never approved.

Because of an abandonment of the conscience that I put within humanity when I created them, people have done things that can only be inspired by demonic spirits and are completely in opposition to the moral code I gave to the ancient peoples of Israel for them to live by.

There are many cultures, nations and peoples that I have sent destruction unto because in their imaginary image of what or who god or gods are, they have done many things that were and still are abomination to Me. Those who were proud and had the idea that they could create in opposition to My order and intention have interfered with the very way that I brought forth the created beings known as humankind.

In such conjectures, delusions, fantasies and imaginations, people have tried and are still trying to act as though they can re-image Me and make a god, gods, or goddess of their own choosing. However, as I have said, these things that they bring forth are demonically inspired and far from what I intended for humankind to believe in. Do not ever imagine that I am intent on bringing forth the corruption that you see under the crafty hand of people who have literally listened to proud demons to the extent they see themselves as higher than I AM.

Lost civilizations that have been smitten by My wrath, fury and indignation are gone because the people of such places did those things that are forbidden, and in such brought on their own destruction and damnation. Be fully aware that I do not intend for people now to partake of such practices as they are guilty of, yet they do such because their hearts are full of pride.

In these times, there are so many men and women who are attempting to bring off gender alterations and re-assignments to the extent that those affected by their insane declarations become possessed by the same demonic spirits of madness. What these know-it-all people really show is that they are stupid, because they have allowed themselves to be possessed to the extent that they are destined for destruction and damnation. Likewise, they will have on their hands the blood of the innocents that they swept up into their insanity campaigns.

Be aware that I am not mocked, and when you see those who are grasping and grabbing for the riches of this world that pass away and claiming that I am motivating them, know they are liars. They are driven by dark powers of greed and lust. They are not content to be satisfied with what I supply, because their hearts are driven by the madness of lust for money and the power they think it gives them.

There are countless followers who support such greedy grabbers because they too have the same lust for riches in their hearts and they are aspiring and desiring great wealth. The followers of greedy grabbers are hoping to receive some “special key” that will unlock the treasure box and they too can become wealthy on the riches that pass away and make themselves wings.

Truly, I do not find pleasure of any kind in such persons, for repeatedly they are going after the very things that I have forbidden, and in such pursuits, they are destining themselves to their own destruction and damnation. Know of a surety that it has never been intended for My people to be involved with the madness and perversity that brings on My wrath, fury and indignation.

However, over and over in the history of the people of old, I had to bring down My wrath upon those who were Mine because they took up the practices and abominations of the heathen round about. Know that I do not find pleasure in those who are turning from Me and taking up the ways of the heathen, pagan people all about.

It has been and it still is My desire that My people would be ever thankful that it is Me they can serve and by the same they are being kept and guided forth in the newness of life that I alone can bring. More than anything, I want My people to understand the reality of how much evil there has been and there still is in this sin-cursed earth. Those who cleave to Me and obey the commands of My Spirit are guided in the way that I intend and provide.

On the other hand, those who choose darkness and continual indulgence in moral transgressions are proving themselves to be candidates for My wrath because they are despising obedience and going after rebellion. Be aware that I do not want people to go after rebellion. They are the ones who, by allowing themselves to accept the commands of demon powers, prove themselves to be eligible for damnation.

Over and over, history repeats itself, and many people choose to forsake sanity for insanity, and the security of righteousness for the devastation that awaits those who choose the same. Therefore, keep in mind that you are not to give way to imaginary images. Let My Spirit guide you in truth, for you are intended to walk in the same and be kept in My mercies.