Toxic Waste

I speak unto you this day and I say that when men, women and children turn back to the cesspool of sin, they become toxic waste before Me. This is because they are yielding to the prompting of demons and their own carnality, and in the same they are toxic or poisonous. This is because they want others to join them in their turning away and returning to the cesspool of sin. They spread their justifications to any and all who will listen as to why they are justified in their sins.

In reality, they are not justified, and when they are attempting to make excuses, they want others to join them because they are spreading the poison of their own unbelief. However, because they have given themselves to the evil of unbelief, the testimony they give is one that is full of poison and harmful to whoever will partake of the same.

I consider them to be waste, for they have turned away from the fountain of living waters to drink the polluted and filthy waters of the world. In such choices as they have made, they gave ear to demons and the old carnal nature. By yielding to the old nature, they were literally yielding to that which would cause them to partake of sin and by the same be destroyed. So, what they do is waste the inheritance that was meant to be theirs by throwing the same away.

Those who turn back and refuse to repent become enemies of My kingdom. Some of them become so possessed of demonic powers that they cannot stop raging against My people. Over and over, they choose the way that is death and not life, and they imagine that through such choices they are justified. They are not. Instead, they are damned.

Be aware: Those who become possessed by demonic powers, their lives are miserable because they must continually block out the memories that flood their minds as they are lying against My kingdom and My messengers. Over and over, those who have become toxic waste are proven to be foolish, for their own words reveal them to be the dumb people that they are.

It has never been My intention that you would succumb to those who are so full of iniquity and darkness that you believe the lies they hurl at you continually and are by the same taken far from Me and become toxic waste.

My intention is that My people would remain true in their commitments to Me and not return to the bondage of sin no matter if the enemies attempt to drag them into the same by enticing words and seductions of their souls. Rather, My people are meant to stand strong against the devices of evil that want to see them brought to ruination and devastation, resisting all of the attempts of the wicked to devour.

There are people throughout the cycles of time who have made it their goal to bring Me down and disprove that I am, because they have forsaken the way. However, these fools have come and gone and are now in hell, and I remain, for I am the Eternal.

I do not want you to listen to those of these times who are toxic waste, for they prove nothing through all of their prattle and rattle. I am not pleased in anything they do or say, because they have set their hearts against Me and gone after the very elements of their own destruction.

To become toxic waste is really a disgusting achievement, and the ones who end there are foolish and recognized for darkness rather than light. It is not a good thing when those who have set their hearts against Me and made it their goal to do away with Me are pouring out their poisonous rhetoric and attempting to poison and contaminate others.

These ones are literally twice dead and cause infections of doubt, disputation and unbelief. It makes them happy when they can tear and rend someone’s faith by their corrupt words and devilish intentions. What spirit are they operating under when they choose to do such things? It is certainly not My Holy Spirit. It is simply the spirit of antichrist that has taken up residence in them.

As true believers, when you see and hear of such ones, be aware that these are the sons and daughters of sedition, for they are resisting the authority of My Spirit over them and preferring demons instead. You are to be thankful that you are not full of such poison as they are infected with, and that you can be appreciative of the authority that I have given My Spirit to have over you to direct you and guide you in the way that I intend. More than ever, do not think that you can shape your own destiny by doing those things that you want. Train yourselves to do the things that I want, for the same will give you the destiny of eternal life in My kingdom.

This is the time when the ultimate idol that most who turn back are worshiping is the god of self. Such a deity is no god at all. It is simply those who are loving themselves more than they ever loved Me and who have made up their minds that they know more than I do. When they murmur against Me and complain, it is because they see themselves as greater than they are.

Be aware they are not greater. They are fools and they have adopted the wickedness of the devil and his demon forces and are being used all to their own damnation of soul. Do not listen to the ones who are toxic waste. Listen to the commands of My Spirit and live in the joy of My presence. Stay in the attitude of gratitude that you are not infected but protected.