Don’t Doubt

I speak unto you this day and I say that I do not want you to doubt and be as those who are ever wavering and uncertain as to whether or not they believe Me. There are multitudes who claim that they are serving Me, but it is not true. The truth is they are serving doubt rather than faith. Being double-minded and uncertain, they seem to believe they are more spiritual by always questioning and being skeptical towards Me.

It is truly a sad state of affairs when those who are claiming to be Christ followers are literally following demonic powers that want them to be double-minded and doubtful. Such demonic powers desire to see those who are supposed to be Christ followers not following Him at all.

When the time comes for the testing of their faith, they will be confused, wavering, disputing, and disagreeable with the dictates of Jesus Christ, My Son. This is because they allowed doubt to dwell in them and take up space that should have been filled by faith and hope in Me.

Never did My Son put an approval on doubt, for the same gives way to unbelief, which is evil in My sight. Be aware that you are not intended to be continually living in doubt. Rather, you are intended to be living in the faith and confidence that makes you strong in Me.

When I see those who are My people standing strong in their declarations of what I can do, then I put My approval on them and they are counted as well pleasing unto Me. Be assured that the more that your confession of Me is according to confidence in Me, the stronger you become, because you are not clogged with the ugliness of unbelief, doubt, double-mindedness and wavering. Such demonic powers can and do clog the communication lines between Me and My true people.

Why not be thankful this day that you can cleave to Me as the One who has given you life even in the natural? I am in control of the birth, life span, and death of people on this earth. Likewise, when people believe on My Son Jesus and receive Him as Savior and Lord, they are accepting His saving mercies and their sins are forgiven.

Then they are under Him as the Lord over their lives, and His will is what they are meant to seek to be molded after. Since Jesus adheres to My intention, He is the Savior, the Redeemer, the One who has made the way for My people to be continually in communication with the Holy Spirit, and by the same kept in My will.

I do not want My people to waste their time in following after the whims and wants of the powers of darkness that want to cause them lasting estrangement and separation from Me as the One who is the Creator of their very lives and of every living thing that has been brought forth. Therefore, know that My intentions for the ones who will serve with gladness are good, and there is no reason for doubt and unbelief to be present.

If you really stop and consider calmly how much I am able to do, don’t doubt. Rather, see doubt as a dangerous foe that wants to trouble and torment you and cause you serious difficulties and problems in your relationship to Me as the One you are to trust at all times.

It is very pleasing to Me when My people serve Me with thanks and praise because I do not withhold goodness nor mercy from them. Over and over, My people will meet with the abundance of goodness that I have in preparation because they are open in the faith channel to receive My blessings and My mercies.

On the other hand, those who have closed off My abundance have actually sealed themselves in the tomb that holds them and keeps them from receiving the very things that would make them into strong and zealous believers in the miraculous power of who I AM!

The more that you become aware of how dreadful doubt really is, the more you will see that it is not meant to be allowed to linger in My true believers, who are meant to have strong faith in Me. It is indeed a remarkable privilege to see that there are many good things that I can and will do for the ones who are faithfully believing and hoping in all that I am able to do for them.

Do not falter in your walk with Me. Rather, continue steadfast, knowing that I am the One who is able in every circumstance and situation. The more that you are confessing your confidence in Me, the more that My presence is with you and in you.

When My people are praising Me out of true appreciation, I inhabit those praises. The enemies know that, and they do not want My people to be close to Me and crying out for My presence and My purpose. Therefore, do not fail to come forth in the way that I give, but keep in the onward move that My Spirit does lead.

If I declare to you My intentions, do not think you have to direct Me or correct Me because you doubt My abilities. Instead, be thankful that you can find the purpose and the plan that I have intended for you even before you became born again.

I do have good for those who will come into My family of love by their belief in Jesus and acceptance of Him as their Savior and Lord over their lives. When it is Me that you are purposing yourselves to please, you will understand the importance of shunning and resisting doubt.

Those who give in continually to the wavering double mind of unbelief are headed down the road of despair and destruction. Keep constant in your confession of your faith in Jesus and Myself, and obey all the commands of My Holy Spirit.