Tell Them, Whether They Listen or Not

I speak unto you this day and I say: When I send you forth to any people with My message to them, tell them, whether they listen or not. The reason being is that none will be able to stand before Me and claim that they did not hear, for when I the Living God do speak, of course it is their choice that matters.

Know that I do not force anyone to listen to Me and obey what My Spirit speaks to them through My messengers. However, the ones who are hard of heart and stiff of neck will resist My Spirit’s words and refuse to listen, and they are the ones who will pay for their rebellion against My message and My messengers.

It has been intended from the beginning that people, since I am their Creator, would listen to Me. However, because of sin and rebellion, they do not. I have destroyed many nations because of their sins and rebellion against Me. Over and over, ruins of ancient cultures are being found, and none can explain what happened to the people. It is simple: I struck them with My wrath, fury and indignation because they had chosen in opposition, and their abominations and atrocities were terrible in My sight.

I am not eager to destroy humans, for I have created them and I desire for them to walk in the way that I have given for them to walk in. I do not find pleasure in those who are diametrically opposed to Me and walking in continual violation and rebellion against Me. Oftentimes, I send My watchmen to them to cry out against their sins, and if they hear and repent, then I spare them, but if they refuse, then they are choosing their own destruction and damnation.

Realize that when I call people to be watchmen and women, that is exactly what they are meant to be. If I tell My messengers to go to the wicked and they refuse and the wicked die in their sins, then the death of such wicked ones is required of the stubborn messengers. However, if My messengers obey Me, then the choice to repent is presented to the wicked and their blood is on their own heads.

When I desire to send My prophets to the wicked, I do not expect them to compromise the messages I send in order to be accepted by the wicked who are perishing in their sins. I expect My prophets to stay true to Me and to declare what I have spoken without compromise, because they are representing Me and not themselves.

Far too many in these times who have pretended to be My messengers are not true to Me. They are preferring to declare a message that will compromise with sin and wickedness in order to build up followings and acceptance among the ones who are committing sins that are causing them to be destined to be damned. Such ones as these are evil themselves because they are not staying true to the calling I have. Instead, they are inventing their own messages and callings.

Be aware that I am not mocked, and when you see the ones who have built to themselves huge followings because they are promoting themselves rather than Me, it is because they are seeing themselves as gods. Such pride as grabs hold of people is not of Me. It is demonic, and the ones who are choosing to adhere to such pride are proving to be foolish in My sight and far from My way.

While there are so many who have proven to be counterfeit Christians and false messengers, that does not mean that all of My people and My prophets are false. It means that the devil and his demons have seduced many along the way with the deceitfulness of riches and the glitter of fame. Those who are merely seeking to promote themselves are fools before Me because they are dull and dumb and a shame to My name.

When anyone abandons the true way and the true calling to take on falsehood, delusions and pretensions, they are setting themselves up for their own destruction unless they hear My true prophets and repent. I do not want My true ones to give up when they are faced with rejection and rebellion against the messages I give them to proclaim. Rather, those who are to be acceptable to Me must continue to declare even if all refuse to listen to them. The ones who will be counted well pleasing unto Me are the ones who do not seek to take the easy way out and go after the fame and fortune of the world.

If you meditate on the ministry of Jesus Christ My Son, He did not look to be accepted, nor did He quit when He was rejected. He simply continued in the way of obedience and did what I had called and purposed Him to do. So it is in these times of overt rebellion towards the truth. I expect My messengers to continue to proclaim the truth to the wicked lest such ones die and perish in their sins. When you are given My light, I expect you to walk in that light that those entrenched in darkness can see the light.

Likewise, when I have called you to the ministry of being watchful over the souls of men, women and children, you are expected to go to whoever I direct you and you are to give them the message I send through the Holy Spirit. Be thankful this day that you are meant to be true to the calling and keep on giving the warning to the wicked and even to those who have been righteous but have fallen away. Do not be deterred by the looks on people’s faces, nor their failure to listen. Just keep steady and find yourselves pleasing to Me.