Live in Peace

I speak unto you this day and I say that I call you to live at peace with all men as much as is possible. That does not mean that you are compromising with their sins. Rather, you are living at peace with Me, and that alone is conviction to them. When people who are sinning see the ones who are living peacefully, if they still have consciences, they will be convicted because they are not at peace with Me.

I have intended that My people would not be fighting one with another but rather that they would be at peace with each other, because it is Me that they are serving with gladness and rejoicing that I am the One they are meant to serve, to please and to obey.

Do not imagine that you must be living in the way of the heathen and by the same be found in or accepting of their sins. Rather, you are to realize that they are literally blinded by the god of this world, and that means that they are surrounded and covered by demons that will keep them in vexation and torment.

Those who are under the demonic covering are not at peace because the demons will not allow it to be so. Know that the demons will keep them in vexation, torment and anguish all of the time because that is how demons operate.

Be aware that you are privileged to live in peace because you are covered by My Holy Spirit and the same will direct you in the way that I intend for you to live in. You can indeed draw of the peace that passes understanding as you are keeping your hearts and minds stayed on My purpose and plan for your lives. Jesus offered to His disciples the peace that comes of being in obedience to Me, as He walked in obedience to My desires and commands, and by the same He remained in the peace that obedience brings.

As you are following the commands of My Spirit, you will experience the peace that is found in obedience, and the same will keep you through many of life’s storms. Everyone, both believers and unbelievers, will experience storms in life on earth. Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude because you have peace in your souls and minds because you are redeemed through Jesus, My Son.

The more that you see how important that is, the more you will cherish the peace you experience when others are falling completely apart and by the same experiencing distress and great sorrow. Their situations are terrible because they are serving the devil and walking under the control of demons.

There are many who do not see themselves as serving the devil or serving Me, but they are serving themselves. However, the truth is that anyone who is not serving Me is serving the devil, because he is the god of this world.

When a person sees themselves as serving themselves, they will experience the frustration that comes from being centered on self. Self is partner to the devil, as self or the old nature ends in death and damnation. Those who are choosing to not believe in My Son Jesus are condemned already, for they have believed in the god of self and the same is delusion and never satisfied.

Be glad even now that you do not have to be under the covering of darkness that is over the land in these times. As you are walking in My light, you will experience repeatedly the peace that you find in the same. There is no reason to imagine that you are enabled to find peace if you are under the covering of the devil. The peace that the world offers is transitory and does not give anyone the assurance of salvation. Men and women of their own efforts cannot bring the lasting peace that comes of Me.

Those who buy into the peace of the world are buying into delusion that is here one day and gone the next. Do not think that I want you involved in such, for the same is not to be compared to the peace that is lasting and eternal. Be rejoicing that as you are partaking of My peace, you are not made ashamed. Rather, you are enabled to know that the peace of who I am is meant to be yours both now and forever. As you are in that which I give, you are shown that My peace is so needed in a world that has gone mad and the insanity of those in control is manifesting the darkness of demons in control.

It is the glorious, restoring, enduring peace that I want My people to live in during this life on earth. The more that My people are at peace with Me, the more they are able to accept the fact that many will live their lives in torment because they choose to live that way. Be glad that you do not have to live in torment, but you can live each day knowing that I have intended you to be peacemakers, not cause disputes nor troubles on every hand.

Do not walk afar off from My way, for it is indeed precious, and when you are accepting of My way, you are not left in the lurches of distress that assail so many and take them into the muck and mire of sin. The reality has been, and still is, that the wages or payback for sin is death, and those who give way to the pressures of the times will find themselves engulfed in sin repeatedly because the demons put on the pressure.

When you partake of My way and walk in the highway of holiness, you will not be enticed by sin, because of My goodness and mercies given to you. To be enabled to live at peace with Me is a very good thing, and when you accept My Holy Spirit’s commands and dictates, that peace is ever present for you to partake of. Therefore, understand that to live in peace each day is a great gift given to those who remain in the ark of My safety through obedience to the Holy Spirit.