Coveting Covenants

I speak unto you this day and I say that I gave the commandment in days of old against coveting and allowing the same to be ruling over the lives of My people. The same holds true even now, for multitudes have become greedy for the things of the world and by such greed they have been led into making coveting covenants that have them bound.

I do not want My people to be desirous of the treasures of the heathen or the world that surrounds them. Rather, I want them to keep a clear vision and subject their decisions unto Me as the One who is caring for their souls. When My people are subject to Me, then I give to them exactly what they need in every circumstance and situation. Therefore, be thankful that as you are paying heed to the commands of the Holy Spirit, you will not be attempting to live lavishly and beyond your means.

It is important to realize that the same spirits that drive people into many troubles are around in these times, inasmuch as materialism is a force that can cause even the most level-headed to get drunk on coveting, and pressure them to enter into covenants that will rob them of everything that I have intended for them.

I do not want you to go in such a way and by the same be directed down the road that leads to emptiness and destitution of soul. If you are paying heed to Me, you will come to understand and realize that I do not want My people to be caught up in the traps and snares that the enemy forces have for them, and by the same cause them many sorrows and sore dismay.

Be thankful even now that through Me you are given the opportunity to come forth rejoicing, giving thanks, and praising Me each day because you are not overtaxed by the cares of this life that can prove to be very painful and cruel. I the Living God do promise to provide for My people, but I do not promise to provide for their greed or covetous lust. I provide for their needs.

Do not attempt to live above your means and think that there is no tomorrow and that whatever revenues I bless you with are yours to spend up. No, the truth is that I want My people to be subject to Me in all things, and it is better that My people realize that riches can easily corrupt their relationship to Me and to others.

Do not be living in a fool’s paradise by thinking that if your riches have increased you can enter into coveting covenants and take on debts for stuff and things that you do not need. I do not intend that My people would be left with nothing when hard times hit. I intend that they would understand that I will give to them their needs, but they must cooperate with My standards and dictates as given through My Spirit.

There are a lot of people who claim that they love Me, yet when it comes to their finances, it is themselves that they love. They are not giving themselves over to what I desire. Instead, they are lavishly spending and then having nothing in reserve. Such behaviors are not according to My Spirit’s direction. They are being led by demons. Realize that those demons are very cruel and vicious and will cause multitudes to enter into the cruelty and bondage of debts, debts and more debts that were brought on by the motivating force of greed.

There are many people who literally mess up their lives and their families because, under the pressures of coveting covenants, they lose out on the things that matter most. It is an absolute grief to Me when My people allow themselves to be so greedy that they are giving in to the pressures of the world and not keeping their heads clear with respect to finances.

When My Son gave the instruction to His disciples, He said to forsake all, take up the cross and follow Him. He knew that the clutches of this world would keep many from following Him, because they dreaded to give up their own control over their finances. As true believers, do not imagine that you can serve two masters and be pleasing to Me. You cannot serve mammon and serve Me, for the two will not cooperate with each other. You must choose who and what it is that you love.

There are many who are teaching a false concept of My Son’s dictates and messages to His disciples. Never did Jesus give an example of being totally absorbed in the riches of the world. In fact, He walked everywhere or traveled by boat. He stated that He literally did not have anywhere to lay His head, meaning in essence that He was homeless for the gospel’s sake, and in that condition of homelessness, He depended on Me to provide.

I stirred many to provide for Him and the disciples their basic needs. However, there was no depiction of worldly wealth or materialism exhibited or proclaimed by Jesus Christ during His earthly journey. Rather, He taught of My kingdom and the values that are found in the same. He only moved where I was moving, and He followed My dictates rather than His own. Never did He violate Me and choose to go after the riches of those who were listening to His teachings. He left it up to them to decide what mattered most to them.

Obviously, some would not give up their revenues or future revenues through inheritance to follow Him. They eliminated themselves by their choices, and in the same, they walked afar off from the way that was intended for them. Those who forsook all received the eternal riches that are found in My kingdom. You are not meant to be a slave to coveting covenants. Rejoice and be glad in Me!