Just Jealousy

I speak unto you this day and I say that I the Living God am just in My jealousy for My people. In the spiritual dimension, men and women can give way to demonic powers, and in the same, if they are My people, I the Living God am jealous over them. I do not find pleasure in those who go a whoring from Me and take up dead gods, which are really demonic forces. Those who do so are liable to incur My jealousy, and the same is just.

In the days of old, when My people flirted with the heathen round about, they did things that I had forbidden them to do. As they exhibited their disobedient behaviors, I became angry at their transgressions. The consequences they reaped were painful.

Because they had given themselves over to transgressions and violations against Me, I ventilated My wrath, fury and indignation upon them. They suffered many things because they chose in opposition to the commands I had given to them to live by. Because of their rebellion, they became swollen on pride, and I smote them to bring them down and to the reality of their sins.

I was not and am still not pleased with the ones who think that they can get by with serving two masters and imagine that I do not see their violations against Me. However, the truth is that My eyes are on everyone, and I see what they do and what they do not do. I am indeed angry with the ones who choose to go after the ways of the heathen and violate My ordinances and My laws. How foolish were My people of old, and how foolish are some of My people in these days of belligerent drunkenness based on pride!

Multitudes are swept up in the frenzy of causes. However, those causes are for the most part motivated and directed by demons who have their orders to cause as many to sin as they possibly can. The demonic powers kindle civil unrest and violence, they stimulate people to murder, and they motivate people to dissatisfaction with everything and everybody. Over and over, people fall into the traps that demons have set for them, and they do not even realize how angry I am with them when they do.

This is because the majority of people in these times do not think for themselves. Therefore, they easily give into the demonic mind pressures that are put against them. I do not intend that My people would be weak and enfeebled because they are listening to demons rather than My Holy Spirit.

Consider that My Holy Spirit is given to lead, guide, and direct the ones who really want Me into the way of all truth. That truth comes by degrees, and the more that the faithful are uniting, the more they can interact with and in the truth. This is because I do not give all truth to one person, but each person has a portion that they are meant to share with others as a corporate body functioning together for My kingdom.

Be aware that I am not intending that My people start corporations according to the laws of men. I am advocating My people to realize that they are members one of another and needy of each other. None is to declare that they are an island unto themselves. They are not. Yes, there are some who are separated from other believers for a time and a season, but that does not remain forever.

In times of severe persecution, My people have oftentimes had to go underground and hold meetings and gatherings in private. If they were imprisoned, they had to do all manner of godly encouragement to each other in order that they could encourage and undergird one another as part of the body of Christ.

Therefore, realize that the enemy wants to stir up fleshly jealousy between members in particular. However, you are not meant to walk into that trap. Keep a close watch on the emotions that stir within you, and push down fleshly jealousy, for it is not just jealousy. The jealousy that comes from the carnal nature is envious and full of malice, anger and hatred. Some grow so enraged with jealousy that they are kindled to rage and violence, and murder erupts from the same.

Realize that I do not want My people to be yielding to the ungodly emotions that are in the carnal nature. Instead, they are to bring all things into the light, that they can see what is of Me and what is not. Do not be quick to accept every spirit, for if you do, you will be deceived by demons.

Consider the consequences of instant anger and rage caused by jealousy. They are not good, nor do they please Me. I absolutely do not want My people to return to bondage by continually yielding to the emotional uprisings of the carnal nature. They are meant to reckon themselves to be dead to such transgressions and alive in Me.

The only jealousy that is just is that which comes from Me. When My messengers are keeping watch over My flocks, they are to warn them of the deceitfulness of their own hearts. This is so that they will not be found in the sorrows that come to those who are yielding to the beast and manifesting in ways that will prove to be harmful to themselves and others. Many things that are evaluated as criminal behavior are kindled by fleshly jealousy and envy, as well as hatred, anger, rage, violence and murder.

Thank Me that as you walk uprightly in Me you are covered in My mercy, and that you can encourage others to know the mercies that are given through belief in Jesus as My Son and the Savior I have sent. Serve in the attitude of gratitude, and do not cause Me to be kindled to just jealousy.