Vindicate and Eradicate

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not be fearful nor fretful, for it is Me the Living God who will give to you exactly what you have need of in these times of darkness abounding on every hand. I want you to be assured that it is Me the Living God who is watching out for you and that I make the way for you that no person can make. It is Me who does miracles for you again and again and shows that I am the One who is able.

When you see the darkness of the times and the wicked abounding and appearing to prevail, know that it is not true. It is Me the Living God who will uplift you and guide you forth in every circumstance through My Holy Spirit. Likewise, do not feel that you have to look back and fear the pack of wolves who have been after you in times past to rip you to pieces. It is Me the Living God who does vindicate those who are Mine, and likewise it is Me who can and will eradicate those who are of such vicious intent as the ones who have hated and sought to devour and destroy you.

If you remember the words of Jesus My Son, He said that the world would hate you and that they would try to destroy you because you love Him and you love Me. Those who are maintaining their stand in Jesus will find that repeatedly there are many who want to cause troubles aplenty for them as they are loving and serving Me. This is because there is in the earth a bitter hatred for My people and for the truth.

Do not be expecting the world to speak well of you and approve your doings. They will not. Instead, they will despise you because you are walking uprightly before Me and doing as I desire of you. Therefore, do not think it a strange thing that those of the world find reasons to condemn you and malign you even when you have shown them mercy and prayed for them time and again. Those who are of the world are covered by the darkness of the world, and their only relationship with you relates to what you can do for them in every circumstance.

Such ones as these are users and abusers and expecting that you are to meet their demands every time they make them. They see themselves as invincible and incredible, in the sense that they think they can handle anything, when they cannot. All that they can do repeatedly is grow more and more angry when things do not go the way they want them to.

Because of their own problems, such ones want to find someone to blame and accuse through their lies and hypocritical declarations. They are desirous of being the center of attention and will play the victim repeatedly in order to call attention to their so-called pathetic plight and gain sympathy and compassion from anyone they can.

These ones are indeed victims of their own pride, carnality, and demonic powers that direct their moves. Literally, they are attention or publicity hogs, and will put on any show that will give them the attention they are so greedy for. I do not want you to think that these fools have control over your lives. They do not, for they are losers, accusers and abusers, and are not counted worthy by Me.

Therefore, know that I the Living God will vindicate you as My true people, and such ugly liars and manipulators will be eradicated by their own lying tongues because the same will trip them up. While there are multitudes who want to believe evil, who will lap up the lies of the attention hogs, such ones are full of darkness likewise.

Inasmuch as the covering over the land is darkness, be knowing that those who have evil intent are waxing bolder in their plots of evil and their schemes of wickedness. However, be aware that I the Living God will give to them exactly what they need in terms of My retributive justice, because they will be shaken down and eradicated, just as they have tried and are still trying to destroy My true people.

It is not your task or duty to attempt to destroy such wicked fools. Leave that to Me. You go on doing good and obeying the commands of My Spirit that you can come forth ever uplifted and made glad that it is Me that you are serving in gladness and rejoicing each day. It has never been intended by Me that the wicked would prevail over My people.

What I do when the ones who are evil are doing as they are in these times, is that I mark them, and they will be dealt the hand of My wrath, fury and indignation against them. Be thankful that you are not to be involved in their wanton and wicked lives, for they are courting death and are obviously desirous of damnation. So, let it be that you keep your vision single unto Me, and do not give them the attention they are desiring to receive.

Be glad even this day that there are many in this world who will not succumb to the wickedness that is abounding, and those ones will be able to do so because they are strengthened by Me. Inasmuch as the proud think they remain forever, they have increasing hatred for the truth and will endeavor to bring trouble to all who stand for Me.

Know that you are not to be fearful or fretful over them. Rather, you are to keep confident in Me, as I am the One who bears rule over you and desires to see you brought forth by a plain path and shining with My light. Trust Me that I vindicate My people and I will eradicate the evildoers who have sought to destroy them. Rejoice and remember you are redeemed and given new life through Jesus!