Liars Are Losers

I speak unto you this day and I say that liars are losers because they live under the falsity of imagination and demonic control. They do not tell the truth and are absolutely not interested in telling the truth. In their minds, they are perfect and see no harm in lying, as it comes natural to them.

Among liars, there are some who become so addicted to lying that they have a difficult time in telling the truth. This is because they have so given themselves to lying that the same is much more convenient than telling the truth.

In fact, when men, women and children have taken on the addiction of lying, they actually grow to hate the truth more and more. When anyone is hating the truth and the messengers of the truth, they are hating Me. Such ones as these give themselves over more and more to the demonic spirits that entice them into the web of lies, from which they cannot escape. Caught in the web of lies, they are estranged from Me, estranged from the truth, and living in demonic delusions.

The people of the world love to hear liars who speak great swelling words full of pride and exaggerations. This is because the media has woven a net of deception around the majority of people in these days, and the people love it to be so. They may call such liars entertaining, enchanting, exciting and inviting. Yet these liars are being led down into the web of deception which ends in hell and damnation of their souls.

Those who are liars are losers because they are not winning the race I had set before them, nor are they conquering themselves by the words of truth and light. They are yielding themselves to every known device that the enemies have prepared for them, and in the end they are losing by choosing the way of demons above My way.

It is really a very ugly thing to be a liar and have a tongue full of deceit and deception. Those who go in such a way are reprobate in My sight, and I find no pleasure in them whatsoever. In fact, I believe them to be fools, for their hearts have grown so calloused and hard that they cannot even separate between the truth and lies.

This is because they have chosen the lies that they love above the truth that would correct them and guide them in the way of life eternal. While they easily throw around the term “love,” what they love is themselves and the gross deceptions they live in.

Some who have known the truth and departed from the same are full of hatred and revenge, as they live under the demonic delusions that they are all right even in their lies and that they can do as they please and it is all right. This attitude is a very deceptive one, for no one can do as they want if the same is harming others who are walking uprightly in Me as the One they love and want to please.

Know that I am the One who will defend My people, and I will bring down the deluded and show them up to be the fools that they are. After they are revealed in their meanness and hatred, I will turn them over to the reprobate mind and they will become prisoners to lies and delusions.

When you hear those who have sought to murder My people, know that these ones are fools and they have been taken into total captivity by demonic forces and are losers by the same. I have never intended for people to become total liars and hypocrites by the same. Many who once knew the truth but did not cherish the truth will end up totally devastated by the damning lies they speak out in false imaginations as to their sufferings.

There are some people who learn to lie as soon as they learn to talk. These ones are destined to be damned, because they love the lies that flow from their lips and also the delusions they build up, which are not true in any way whatsoever. Do not choose to be found among the liars, for they are contaminating and causing infection to those who listen to them, for those listening will be infected by the same demonic powers.

Doesn’t it feel good to tell the truth without continually fearing what someone will say about you in giving a lying testimony of the wretchedness of his or her imaginations because they are slaves to lies? Be thankful that you do not need to be addicted to lies, and that through My Holy Spirit you can differentiate between the precious and the vile.

How important it is that you tell the truth and live the truth, because it is the truth that sets you free and affects others in a good way likewise. Quite plainly, the world is covered by the media, and such are liars and proud of the delusions they conjure up. When you are telling the truth, it is indeed a sobering and a call to wake up and walk right, because the truth does not cover anyone in falsehoods.

The more that you learn to accept the stark reality of the two-edged sword in your life, the stronger and stronger you will grow, because the truth is your backbone. Those who have turned aside to lies will lose out because liars are losers and will always remain that way. While it may appear that such ones are achieving something, they are achieving nothing except their own destruction and damnation of soul.

Many liars are glistening with the false covering that the devil and his demons put on them, which causes them to attract others into their web of deceit. Don’t pay heed to their lies.