Let Them be One

I speak unto you this day and I say that I desire that My people would be in unity because they are loving My Son, Myself, and My Holy Spirit. Although We are three, We are in essence one, and that same kind of oneness I desire for My people. I desire for My people to be joined together in divine unity, loving one another and functioning under the commands of My Holy Spirit as I have intended.

Do not be reluctant to obey My Spirit in all that you do, for I intend for you to be attentive to what it is that I require and desire of you, inasmuch as you will find life in obedience. Those who yield to the commands and dictates of My Spirit will experience great joy because they are walking uprightly and partaking of the goodness that I intend for My people.

When My Son prayed and asked Me for the oneness among the disciples, that same oneness is meant for those, even in these times, who could live together in unity. Of course, that unity does not necessarily mean that all will be housed in the same home or facility. What that means is that they would know and recognize one another as My love family.

Jesus made it clear that He was not just praying for His immediate followers but for all who believe in the message that He came to give them, and the desire for all who believed in Him to be one. So, it is evident that Jesus did not have a limited scope of prayers. Rather, He was praying for future believers who would believe upon Him as their Savior and Lord. As time would progress, there would be future believers who would be united under the prayer that Jesus prayed.

As My Son, He knew fully that He had come to be the Savior to all the world’s people who would believe on Him and receive His mercies in their lives. Jesus did not limit the Message, for He knew that after Him would come messengers who would be commanded to take the Message to the Gentile nations who worshiped false gods.

Clearly, the apostle Paul, who had been a religious Jew, was the first apostle called of Me to take the Message to the Gentiles, and he was faithful to his calling and ordination by Me. Before his miraculous conversion, Paul went by the name of Saul, and he was steeped in religious demons. At that time in his life, he was very hateful and murderous towards the new believers in Jesus My Son. In fact, he was instrumental and influential in bringing scattering, imprisonment, persecution, torture and death to the new believers who wanted to worship Jesus.

Because of the extreme cruelty he exhibited in the days of his religiosity, I blinded him to show him how really dumb and blinded he was by the spirits that opposed My Son. After his sight was restored at My command, he became a great defender of the faith and was willing to go to any nation, kindred and tongue known to men in those days to take the Message. He did not put his own life above My intentions and desires for his life.

Just as Jesus laid His life down, so did Paul after he heard the Message and believed. Once he was commissioned, he did not turn back from any danger, toil or snare. Instead, he proved to be faithful and was received into My kingdom as he was beheaded after many years of earthly service.

In the beginning when I created the earth, I intended for all to be in harmony, and I made man and woman to dress the magnificent garden I put them in. Had they maintained the position of honor I had given them, the earth, the waters, the skies and all the peoples would have remained in harmony. However, because sin entered in, and the man and woman listened to the destroyer and accepted his message above the truth I had given to them, all fell into disharmony. The consequences of disobedience are lasting even until this time, and the fruit of the same is ugly in My sight.

Know that I never wanted for man and woman to fail Me as they did, yet after their fall, all suffered the consequences of their disobedience. When I sent My Son Jesus, it was that those who believed His Message could be returned to Me and enabled to come forth in the way that I gave for them. Because I love humanity as My created beings, I do not want them separated from Me.

When Jesus proclaimed His prayer for those who believed the Message of the truth, He was asking Me to put the spirit of unity upon them. He prayed in accordance with My will, not His own. Jesus was the embodiment of My love being fulfilled in flesh. Jesus showed to the world the manner of love that was and is found in Me, for He, My beloved Son, gave His life to bring reconciliation to those who believed the Message He brought through His words.

The words that Jesus spoke were and are truth because they were given to Him through My Holy Spirit. I did not abandon the world’s people because of their sinful state. I had compassion upon them and send them My Son. Then, as well as now, those who believe in and accept His Message will be given the tender mercies that I alone can provide, and they will not be under the miseries of those who reject His Message.

Be thankful that I am the never-ending source and that you can indeed be in the oneness that is intended and manifest through the prayers of Jesus before His departure from the earth and return to Me. Strive to be in oneness with each other and Us!