Degraded and Defiled

I speak unto you this day and I say that I do not desire you to be among the degraded and defiled who are everywhere in these times. As My people, I want you to be separated, consecrated, and dedicated to Me as the One you love and want to please at all times. Therefore, consider that it is not an easy thing to be living in the realms of My presence, and you must put effort into your relationship with Me at all times.

There are far too many who are lazy spiritually and naturally. They put no effort into their existence and expect others to take care of them and carry them along, both naturally and spiritually. However, such are foolish, for they will end up degraded and defiled, for they are refusing to accept responsibility and accountability for their actions. As they are careless about their own eternal destiny, they will easily succumb to demons, who will direct them in the way of darkness rather than the light.

Those who are willing to float on the river of death without thought that they are going downstream at a very fast rate, do not comprehend how foolish they really are in accepting what demons want them to do and cooperating with such commands. All that they are doing is releasing themselves to that which I do not intend, and by the same they will be made more and more degraded and defiled, completely unable to come forth in the way that was meant for them.

This is why it is so important to pay heed to the Holy Spirit and obey the commands given by the same. There is no reason for anyone who has known Me and come to Jesus My Son to be deviated into the demonic command as so many have been.

When I see the ones who have left off following Me to take up the way of demons, know that I am not well pleased with them at all. I send My Spirit to speak to them, yet they do not listen to that call. Instead, they prefer to hear the call of demons, who only lead them down the highway to hell at increasing speeds. As they surrender more and more to demonic control, it becomes evident that they are not at all pleasing unto Me because they are allowing themselves to be overwhelmed and overtaken by the wicked forces.

Be alerted to the fact that I see all of the evil that is being committed in these times, and I call My people to keep themselves in right standing with Me because they do not want any other god, nor any other way. Make it your goal to keep your hearts and minds settled on the fact that you are now the citizens of the new nation, that is, My holy tribal nation, and you are not meant to obey demons. Rather, you are called to openly expose demons, as well as to reveal their tactics.

While some are declaring that God and the devil are dead, the truth is that such ones are dead spiritually, and they are literally being used of the devil to convince people that he is not. By doing this, they prove that they are indeed not sufficient in themselves to face the realities of life here on earth and are vainly puffed up in their carnal minds.

Do not be as the foolish who let themselves go and become dark and dumb because they have abandoned the way of truth to go after lies. To follow after lies is to follow the very deluding forces that are working to take people deeper into degradation until they are totally debauched. When I look down upon humanity, I am very saddened with their behaviors and lack of respect towards Me.

Inasmuch as multitudes imagine themselves to be something they are not, they go after the way of evil and increase in their own transgressions because they want that which I do not intend for them. Then, because they are under demons, they ridicule the righteous and mock them so that the righteous have to listen to their mockery.

Be serving Me in the attitude of gratitude so that you are well aware of how foolish the ones who are serving other masters really are. Inasmuch as men and women have chosen to listen to the mediums of evil, they are the ones who are taken captive by the same and held in bondage. Be thankful that through Jesus you can walk free of the chains of sin and the deluding demons that want to destroy human lives.

The things that are present now have been before, and in fact, entire civilizations have been destroyed because they choose to believe the voices of evil and cleave to the same. You are not called to participate in evil; you are called to participate in the goodness that I have for you each day and rejoice that you are not being destroyed. As My people, you are called to be the salt and the light in this sin-cursed earth.

Keep faithful to the assignments that I give you each day, for as you do, you will understand how important it is to keep steady in your labors for My kingdom. Do not grow weary as some have and give into that which will cause you multiplied sorrows. Be glad each day that I am the source and the light that is ever present and intended for you to adhere to.

Know that it is a privilege to be redeemed and spared from the delusions, the darkness, the foolery that is damning multitudes, and that My way is righteous, pure, and not full of the filthiness of this age.