Rebellion Against Restraint

I speak unto you this day and I say: The reality is that these are times when men, women and children have chosen rebellion against the restraint that I had for humanity in order to keep them from self-destructing. Because they are listening to the evil reports of the world and following the same, they no longer respect the fact that I, as their Creator, made them with restraint intended.

It has never been My intention that people would destroy themselves and likewise their generations. However, when men and women through the vanity of their own imaginations see themselves as greater than I am, then they carelessly throw off the restraint that would keep them in balance. As rebellion is running rampant throughout the land, it is a sad thing to see how tragically people intentionally make choices for destruction and damnation.

When you see them in the desolation of their choices against Me, know that they have been manipulated by spirits of rebellion and overtaken by the outrageous hatred for Me and the way that I provide. I created men and women to be upright, but they have become zombies, and in such a state they wait only for their next order from the demons that have caused them torment in this life and advocated their place in hell forever in eternity.

The world is promoting the insanity that has gripped so many and is enticing them to delve deeper and deeper into the cesspool of abominations and violations of My standard. Never did I intend for people to fall to the levels of rebellion against restraint that they are exhibiting in these times. To tell the truth, multitudes are in the same mindsets that caused Me to send the great flood in the days of Noah.

While I have been very patient and have sent My prophets and My messengers crying out and commanding people to repent and return to Me, the majority have ignored that call. Instead, they have deliberately chosen to be ruled by demons rather than Me, and consequently their lives are full of hatred for the truth and the light that I have desired for them to have.

No longer do people care for what I desire for them. Instead, they are desiring to defy and deny even My existence as they continue on the road that is taking them to hell and the eternal burning they will find there. They will be tormented in hell by the very rebellion they have exhibited toward restraint in this life.

Do not imagine that there is any life to be found in following after their stupidity. There is none, for their choices will be only for death and their own destruction and damnation of their souls. Hell is full of people who gave themselves to rebellion then lived in the agony and torment of the same, and they are there even now. Once people are sentenced to hell, there is no human being who can pray them out of their torments.

Consider that I have created people in order for them to be with Me in eternity, and when they choose rebellion against restraint, they are literally choosing their own destruction and damnation. This is a sad thing to Me, yet they are the ones who are persistent and insistent on keeping under demonic bondage so that they can indulge in sin repeatedly and go lower and lower into the filthiness and abominable practices they give themselves unto.

Be thankful that you can serve Me with rejoicing and the giving of thanks and praise. By My Spirit, you are led forth on a plain path and given all that you need to continue in the way that I have purposed for you to walk in each day. Do not grow weary of walking in that way, for it far surpasses anything that men or women could ever do for you.

When you see the drugged-out zombies who started out innocently enough by being prescribed medications for their nerves and anxiety, consider that they were led into the trap that keeps them bound. It has not been My intention for people to end up as zombies, yet there are endless multitudes who are found in that condition all over the nation. This is because the world has no solutions other than to use demonically inspired devices to pacify the complaints of people who are not at peace with Me.

When you consider how blessed you are that you are not a part of the rebellion against restraint, give Me thanks that you are redeemed and in the company of other believers who are united for My purpose and plans. As the pressure of these times is growing daily more intensified, be relieved that you are not under those miseries, but rather you are under My mercies.

The choices that people make each day determine where they will spend eternity, and the ones who are giving in to demons will be taken down the road that will end them in hell, and there is no return provided. Not only will they undergo the agonies of the damned while still in this life, but they will be oppressed and depressed because they are choosing to be losing by allowing demons to dictate to them.

Choose every day to be thankful for the restraint that I have put in your lives that you are not being devoured and destroyed by the forces of death and that you can enjoy the fullness of life that I have intended for you to be in every day. It is indeed a good thing to be loved and cared for by Me as your Heavenly Father through the reconciliation mercies given through Jesus Christ, My Son.

Do not in any wise envy the rich of this world, for they have their rewards now and will have nothing when they stand before Me. Store your treasures in heaven rather than on earth, and benefit from the same.