Temptation Testing

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not think it a strange thing that the enemy of your souls will try to tempt you time and again to get you to succumb to many temptations and be overtaken by sin. I do not intend for My people to succumb to sin; I intend for them to be uplifted and brought forth in the way that I provide. When you are attentive to My Spirit, you will be forewarned of the enemy’s plots and thereby able to resist the temptation that will present itself in demonic disguise.

Do not forget that the devil is the master of deception, and his demons likewise are able to use all manner of devices and disguises to trick people into sinning and violating Me. Of course, the deceivers will appeal to the carnal nature and attempt to lure those who have not sought to crucify the old nature back into the bondage of sinful living.

Know that in the position of temptation testing you do not need to allow the enemies to present you with those things that will take your hearts far from Me. Instead, you can continue to trust, believe, and look to Me as the author and the finisher, the beginning and the end.

When it is Me that you are looking unto, you are looking for life and the same will be given to you. As you are in obedience to the commands of My Holy Spirit, you will not fail the temptation testing, for you will not be led away by your own lusts and overtaken in the same.

Reality is that no matter how long someone has served Me, they can still fail to resist temptation if they let down their guard and indulge the old carnal nature. As was demonstrated in and through the life of King David, who had served Me faithfully, when tempted with the beauty of another man’s wife, he chose her over his integrity with Me.

The consequences of his choice were bitter and affected his generations. He did not get by with his sins, which were compounded. Instead, he failed, until exposed by My prophet sent to him to reveal his sins and show him they were not hidden from Me.

It is vitally important to realize that there is no way to hide your sins from Me, nor is there any way to keep those transgressions in the closet as though I cannot see them in hiding. Do not allow your own carnality to side with demons and attempt to cause you to lose your souls. Instead, stand against those things that want you dead, and realize and understand how important it is that you pass the temptation testing.

There are multitudes who succumb to marital infidelity and give way to adultery and sexual immorality in all of its forms. Those who do so cannot know the beauty of moral sex, nor can they know the beauty of a faithful and virtuous relationship. Because they have violated the covenant of trust that is meant to be kept in the marriage covenant, they will not know happiness in the same. This is because, if they still have a conscience, they will be haunted by their own iniquities, and they will know inwardly they have sinned against the Me by the choices they have made when tempted.

It has never been My intention that those who love Me would give into temptation and go under the torment of trust violations. It is My intention that My true believers would remain true and keep their covenants they have made under Me. Realize that if two people, man and woman, are joined in holy matrimony under Me, they are intended to keep their vows and have integrity of relationship.

I do not find pleasure in those who are sneaky and cheating whenever and however they can. Such ones are fools, because their sins do not escape My sight and their unfaithfulness will be exposed and revealed. Those who have been exposed can either repent and return to Me, or they can follow sin and multiply their transgressions and be found in the company of the damned.

There are many in these times who know that they are damned, yet they refuse to repent because they are stiff-necked and proud and would rather be damned than quit sinning. Know that those who choose for sin are choosing for the devil and will be under the control of demons because their hearts are far from Me.

I desire that My people remain true and faithful, for when they do, then they will be kept in the infinite mercies that I delight to give them each and every day. I do not want My people to be found in the treachery of demonic control when their hearts are far from Me. What I want is for My people to be steadfast in keeping their promises and their vows to Me as in a marriage. The natural marriage is a shadow and type of divine commitment between Jesus and the true believers.

There are multitudes who go to church, yet they fail to keep any commitments to Me. They prefer religion to relationship and are doing the same out of a lust for the world, and by such behaviors they will find themselves in troubles that I do not intend for them to be in. It is a good thing to remember that you are meant to keep your integrity with Me at all times and not grow comfortable and fail when tempted.

Those who are ever looking to satisfy their flesh will find that the same cannot be satisfied by indulging in lust, and that the consequences of such lust will prove to be fatal to their relationship unto Me. Do not be found growing lax in your disciplines spiritually. Realize how important it is to keep faithful and true to Me as the One you will stand before and give an account unto!