Demanding and Commanding

I speak unto you this day and I say that there are multitudes who are demanding and commanding others to do as they say, yet they themselves do not obey the demands and commands they put forth. However, if those who are under their control do not obey, then such ones are liable for punishments and chastisements of all sorts.

As is being demonstrated in these times, multitudes of those who are demanding and commanding are hypocrites, for they do whatever they want, whenever they want. Giving orders is fun to them because they do not obey any of such orders as they give. In reality, they are mockers, because they mock the very law they supposedly enforce.

I do not intend for My people to be in fear of such proud and pretentious leaders who are heading them into a ditch. I intend for My people to keep their eyes and ears open that they hear the commands of My Holy Spirit and are not blind to the proud and pretentious in the sense that they are subjecting themselves to them, inasmuch as I have called My people to continue steadfast in the way that I ordain for them, that they are not deceived nor intimidated by those who are false leaders.

Be thankful that you are not alone, for My Spirit is ever with you, and by the same you are being kept and guided forth in a plain path and enabled to know beyond a doubt that I do not withhold any good thing from you. Even in these times of high cost, destitution and futility, I am the One who provides and makes the way for you at all times.

Therefore, keep trusting, believing, and hoping in Me, for I do leave you to desolation and despair as so many are in during these times of false leaders and proud and pretentious commanders who are demanding. Be thankful that as you are serving Me with all of your hearts, you are not left in futility and emptiness. When you are directed by My Spirit, then you are kept in the way that is eternal life.

Inasmuch as My Spirit is ever with you, learn to discern between good and evil, and as you have your eyes opened to the realities of life here on earth, do not be shocked. These are times when evil is abounding, and multitudes are being enveloped and overwhelmed by the onslaughts of demonic forces that have been unleashed upon this earth. You are not intended to give way to such forces, as they are wicked and will bring death and damnation as the result of the sins they lead people into.

I have never intended that people would give way to every spirit that comes along and obey the suggestions and commands of the same. I intend that people would listen to their consciences and obey the commands of My Spirit, for the same are given in order for them to come forth in Me. It is a good thing to be under the demanding and commanding force of My Spirit rather than being under the proud and pretentious.

The Holy Spirit has been given to you that you could walk uprightly in the way that I intend and know that through My mercies you will be provided and cared for. Consider that the demonic spirits do not care for those they seduce and take into captivity. Once they have them in the web of deceit, then they demand more and more sinful and wicked behaviors out of them. This is done because the father of lies, the devil, is the commander of the demon forces, and he demands them to entice people deeper and deeper into sin that they would face death and damnation.

Therefore, be glad that you are not under such control and that My Spirit is leading and guiding you into the way that is all truth, that as you are kept in that way, so are you instructed, directed and guided in love rather than hate. There is no love in the devil’s camp, nor among his forces, for they are all wicked and evil in their intentions.

Be knowing of a surety that there is truly no love that lasts in terms of eternity to be found among the world’s people. While people may make a loud declaration of love, it is themselves that they love first and foremost.

As you are observing the insanity that is so rampant in these times, it is because multitudes want to be treated as though they know everything, when really they are vainly puffed up on pride. Remember that Jesus warned His disciples to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and told them to stay away from the same. He was speaking of the pride that the Pharisees were filled with in those days, for the leaders were, as now, demanding and commanding, yet filled with disobedience themselves. They had disrespect for the law they commanded others to obey.

The truth of it is that the same hypocrisy that was so prevalent in the time of Jesus’ pilgrimage on earth is very obvious in these times. In fact, it is worse, and those who are leaders are taking people into profanity and insanity. There are endless multitudes who are under the demands and commands of those who are full of pride, and by the same are grossly deceived and will be destroyed by that pride themselves.

When you hear the proud demanding and commanding, realize that they are only here on earth for a season and then they are damned for eternity, and they cannot escape the prison houses in hell that they ensured themselves through their arrogance and mistreatment of others. Do not quake in fear of them. Realize that I am your ruler and I keep you both now and forever.