Insistence on Persistence

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not give up as so many have done because things did not go the way that they imagined they should. I do not call you to live in the imaginations of your own understanding. I call you to live under the mind of My Spirit and to continue steadfast in obedience to the same.

My people are meant to persist in the way that I set before them and to partake of all that I give each day, for when they do, then they are pleasing to Me. I do not want those who are Mine to be swept up in the agendas of these days and go in the way that I do not ordain.

The reality of life is simply this: that as My people, you are meant to be insistent and persistent for Me. Do not allow your carnal minds nor demons to lure you away from Me. The way that I have intended for you to go in is the way that is eternal and everlasting, and no one gets there if they allow themselves to be seduced by the world and the vanities of the same. Be knowing of a reality that there is much ahead of you that will take your insistence on persistence in order to achieve My desires and purposes for you.

Be thankful this day and every day that through Me you are shown the plan that I have for you, and that as you go forth in that plan, you are enable to see just how corrupt and perverse the world has become in these times. The wicked are in rule, and the more that they exhibit their lust, the more people are swept up in the transgressions that damn their souls and the souls of their offspring.

Be glad even now that you are not intended to be in the company of the damned and headed to hell as so many are. If you truly consider how many people are totally possessed of demon spirits, be thankful that you do not have to be among them. Rather, you can be rejoicing that through My mercies you are enabled to insist to yourselves and to others how important it is to remain persistent in the way that I provide, which is the road that leads to eternal life.

While the evil are continually plotting against the just, be aware how important it is that you follow the commands of My Spirit and are uplifted and brought forth in the same. In order to be achieving what I desire, keep single in your vision and know of a surety that I will never leave you nor forsake you, and that in obedience to the commands of My Spirit you will experience the joys that are prepared for those who come forth each day in the way intended.

There are multitudes who are totally hopeless and homeless in these times, and they are alienated from the mainstream because of the demons that hold them in captivity. Their conditions are worsened by the rejection and estrangement they undergo as many of them are legally drugged out of their minds. Living as zombies, they go through their lives without any true knowledge as to who they are or why they are in the conditions they are in.

Be knowing of a surety that I do not want My people to be ensnared in any of the legal addiction traps that are so freely offered and intended to turn their hearts and their souls against Me. The demonic powers are the enemies of My purpose, and they are constantly at work to separate My people from Me and take them into captivity by demon control over their minds.

With this in mind, do not fall prey or be seduced to allow your vision to stray from Me and go in the way of the damned. Be in spiritual vigilance to hear and obey the commands of My Spirit, for the same will keep you ever able to continue in the purposes and plans that I have established for you even before you were born.

I have intended for some people to be My messengers, and they were so ordained even before they came to life. Such ones as these will experience great opposition at times because of their calling in Me. However, know that if such ones will not give in to enemy pressures, they will be assured of being able to remain in the obedience way as they are persisting in resisting the works of the enemy and continuing steadfast in their insistence in persistence in the way that I have intended and provided for them.

Realize that no matter how much you may suffer in this life, you are not alone, for Jesus has already gone before you and My Spirit is ever present to guide you. Do not allow any power on this earth to convince you that you are abandoned or forsaken, for you are not. Keep the vision that is meant for you and do not abandon or forsake the vision. As you sought for Me with all of your hearts, I have revealed My vision to you. Do not forsake that vision and detour out of My way.

The truth is that I do not withhold any good thing from the ones who will walk uprightly in Me and come forth each day knowing that they are being kept by My mercies. There is no reason to imagine that you are in miseries when you look at the ones who are truly miserable and needy of My mercies.

Consider the miseries of the ones who are zombies. You do not experience anything that is comparable to what they are experiencing. Be thankful that you are not in such conditions, nor are you under the agonies of the damned. It is important that you are remaining in insistence in persistence for My vision, My purpose, My plan, and proclaiming the truth each day.