Divided or United?

I speak unto you this day and I say: It is very important that My people do not allow themselves to be separated by labels or denominations. It has never been My intention that those who are Mine would live in the separation that causes infighting and division because people want to be identified by one brand over another.

My people are not meant to be branded as the ones causing division. They are meant to be united believers who are willing to work with other true believers who are desirous of more of Me. My body is not meant to be chopped up and fighting with each other over things that do not matter at all.

I have intended and still intend that those who are Mine would adhere to the unity of the faith with other true and faithful believers. This does not mean that My people are to compromise the truth in order to be in false unity. This means that My people would continue to keep active and alert, discerning, and uniting with true believers.

There are many false messengers who come along and seek for division because they want to raise up followings for themselves. These ones are operating out of the realms of carnality and are full of jealousy, envy, division and strife. They are vying against each other in order to gain recognition for themselves and be enabled by the same to boast of their own importance.

How absolutely foolish they are! For in their efforts to prove their own superiority, they are dividing My people and causing them to be in division one against another. This is not My intention, but pride is a dividing force and will cause multitudes to be in contention with brothers and sisters rather than in unity.

Be thankful that you can be united with others who are seeking Me and by the same find the joy and the peace that I intend for them to walk in and that I provide. The more that you are in adherence to My way, the more that you will be satisfied in this life, for I will give you the abundance of mercies intended.

There are endless multitudes who have no peace, and because of the forces of darkness, they are forever causing division because they are under demonic control and the same keeps them in an uproar. Then they put forth the call on their own for others to be divided and in an uproar likewise. Demons can cause people to lie, to cheat, to steal and destroy. As the carnality is aroused by demonic input, all manner of disruptive and false doctrine can enter in and cause not only division but serious schisms.

It has never been My intention for My true believers to be attempting to undermine others who are faithful and true to Me. Rather, it is My intention that those who are serving Me would do so with gladness and rejoicing, ever thankful to be redeemed and given My light on the path.

Those who are serving Me in the attitude of gratitude will understand how important it is to keep their vision single unto Me and come forth in the way that keeps them in unity worldwide with others who are trusting Me as their Maker and their God. Those who are in true consecration to My purposes will not be interested in promoting who and what they are. Their goal will be to promote My kingdom and My purpose for people, both here on earth and in eternity.

Thank Me that as My people, you can be united and moving in cooperation with other parts of My global body because My true followers are not divided. Those who have matured will not be stressing any denomination. They will be interested in promoting My purposes and plans, which are not limited as are the views of men and women.

When you think of how important it is to keep clear in your purpose on earth, it is to fulfill My desire and not your own. The more that you are adhering to My intention, the more you will be united to Me, My Son and My Holy Spirit. As you thank Me and praise Me, you will be enabled to see that there is no good reason to withhold yourselves from My purpose for your lives, inasmuch as you are not building up your own kingdoms.

Over and over, I have seen the spirits of division coming through demonic inspiration and causing many sorrows to those who give way to the same. This is because they did not stay in the united way. They gave way to the divided way, and the consequences were and are ugly and tragic.

I do not want My people to be contending against one another as to whose denomination is the greatest. Nothing that is formed by men is the greatest. The way that is the greatest is the Spirit Way that I have intended for My people to walk in and be thankful to Me as the One they look to and believe in.

Therefore, do not be deviating from Me and going in the way that will prove to be the course of the divided and damned. Choose to stay true to Me and come forth in the way that is given for the united, and provided as the way to My kingdom here and hereafter. Be glad even this day that it is not you who is to be lifted up. It is Jesus who is to be lifted up as the Savior and Lord that people are meant to look to and believe in.

Know the joy that comes in seeing others as well who are glorifying Jesus and following Him with all of their hearts and souls. Do not be duped by your own carnality, for the same is divided against Me. Follow the mind of My Spirit, for the same keeps you united to Me.