The Power of Forgiveness

I speak unto you this day and I say that I desire you to be partakers of the power of forgiveness, for in the same you find My mercies flowing continually to you. Those who continually forgive as My Spirit directs them to do will be forgiven, for it gives Me pleasure to bless My people with mercy and goodness.

There are multitudes who wall up in bitterness, refusing to forgive those who have wronged them, and when they do, then they shut off the flow of My mercies into their own lives. Although their pride will justify them in their bitterness, they literally are the ones who will suffer because of the bitterness they allow to flourish in their hearts and minds.

The root of bitterness will cause many sorrows to befall those who yield to the same, because they are losing out with Me by yielding to the demonic power of bitterness and refusing the call of My Spirit to forgive those who have wronged them. The poison of the root of bitterness is very defiling, and when allowed to remain and prosper, many souls are affected by it.

I do not want My people to be holding grudges, nor resenting those who have wronged them. Rather, I want My people to be forgiving others, for I have forgiven them and will continue to forgive them their trespasses and sins. I desire this day that those who are My people would operate in the power of forgiveness each day, for as they do, I am able to likewise forgive them of their trespasses.

Do not be weary in well doing but continue as a steadfast people who are ever operating in the principles that I desire for them to live by. When people are making it their life’s goal to be under the power of forgiveness, then they are enabled by the same to continue to believe Me in every situation and circumstance.

There are many blessings that I have in store for My people even in times when evil is abounding all about. However, if My people continue in unforgiveness, they cannot receive the blessings that I have in store. Sad to say, bitterness contaminates their outlook, and they are cursed by their own inability to forgive.

There is holy power to be found in forgiveness. There is demonic power to be had in bitterness and unwillingness to forgive others. Do not be as the foolish who take themselves down the road of sorrows because they are failing to operate in the forgiveness mercies that I have intended for My people to live by.

The power of forgiveness towards others is evident in the countenances of the believers who are practicing the same, because they will have the light and the joy reflecting from them and displaying My infinite goodness. When My people are operating in the principles that I have for them to be living in, then they are not ravaged in the bondage of bitterness. Rather, they are living in the power of forgiveness and are enabled to be totally uplifted and rejoicing in the way that I intend.

Be aware that you are not meant to carry around the burden of bitterness and be adversely affected by the same. It is not My intention that you would be overwhelmed and overtaken by those things that want you weighed down and tied to the carnal sentiments and feelings. Consider how many who are professing to be believers in Christ are really believers in the world’s ways of dealing with hurt, rejection, and being falsely accused and persecuted and even imprisoned.

Because life does involve sorrows both for believers and unbelievers, I do not want My people to deal with their sorrows in the way that the heathen do. My people are not meant to seek for revenge, nor live in the ugliness of hatred because they have been wronged. Rather, My people are meant to walk in the steps of My Son Jesus and forgive as He forgave those who had so terribly wronged Him even to the point of death.

Jesus gave the perfect example of obedience to Me and forgiveness towards the ones who had treated Him with extreme cruelty and mockery. Because He did not attempt to bring revenge upon those who had mistreated and maligned Him, He set the example for the higher way of My kingdom. He showed forth by His own behavior the model that My true people are to imitate and seek to live in.

The ones who are true believers and make it their goal to leave vengeance to Me will experience repeated mercies and be enabled to know that those mercies are endless and infinite. There is no reason to live in misery as those who are under the power of demons of unforgiveness. There is every reason to receive the mercies and the goodness that I have in store for the ones who will look to the example of Jesus and practice forgiveness and know the power of the same.

While there are many ways that seem right to men, those ways are not right if people are not pursuing the course that is set by Me. Those who believe in their own carnal understanding are in fellowship with the devil, for he loves to drag believers back down into the mire of bitterness and hatred. When the devil can get a believer to attempt revenge, he has gained the control of that person.

Do not be as those who are deceived by the devil and his demons. Rather stand up, look up, and follow the magnificent example of Jesus Christ, My Son. Know fully the power of forgiveness and the mercies that will be shown to you in adherence to the same.