The Beauty of Balance

I speak unto you this day and I say that there is beauty in balance, and in the beginning I created all things in balance and beauty. It was My intention that all that I had created would coordinate as one and in perfect harmony. However, when sin entered in, things changed and there was no longer the balance that I had intended to be.

This is because sin brings with it curses that cause much trouble and heartbreak to the ones who are subject to the same. Endless lives have been lost over the ages and much bloodshed has transpired because men and women were out of balance and filled with demonic inspirations and aspirations. Multitudes of peoples, tribes and nations have come and gone upon this earth and are remembered no more because of sin and the loss of balance in their lives as they committed abominations before Me.

The consequences of sin are never good, because the payback for sin is death and damnation. Those who are persisting in committing sins are in actuality causing much sorrow to themselves and others. In the end of their lives, those who have continued in sin with no repentance will find that damnation is the inevitable end that awaits them, and they cannot escape the same.

It has never been My intention that people would behave in ways that are disgusting, yet they do, because they have lost the beauty of balance in their lives. They are not in harmony with Me, nor are they in harmony with other human beings. Some are so steeped in evil that they strive to commit sins at all times, day and night. In their bondage to sin, they are imbalanced and have no respect for themselves, for other people, and least of all for Me, the One who created the very earth they live on.

More and more, it is being proven that there are many places that were once well known, prosperous, busy, and very sinful, that have been destroyed by My wrath, fury and indignation. Such places bear upon them the anger that is My disgust with their activities, and I am not in any way regretful over the same. This is because once the sin disease starts, it is a plague, and there is no cure other than repentance. Those who are delighting in sinning refuse repentance, for they love to spread the sin disease.

If you look at the damage that has been done by men and women out of balance, it is horrifying to behold. So often, many die because of the greed of others who are in power. Blood is shed to the extent that it runs like rivers, and many die who were not directly involved in or participating in the sin disease.

Because of a serious lack of balance, the atrocities being committed become more and more shocking. Yet, those who are the instigators refuse to repent and do not fear their own destruction and damnation. Fools they are, for they are promoting their own death and the death of multitudes of others because they are not repenting nor regretting their own idiocies.

I see the world in the condition that it is in during these days of confusion, delusion, madness and destruction, and it is obvious that the true sense of balance has been taken from the multitudes who want only to sin repeatedly and end up damned. Of course, it is a grief to Me when the evidence of sin is so obvious, and yet, there is no ceasing of the same.

I did not create the mess that men and women have made of things. I created the world and all that it holds in perfect balance and beauty. It is because of sin that men, women and children have been blinded by the god of this world, the devil. It is he who has led them into deeper and deeper separation from Me and the righteousness I intended for people to live in and continue to be in the beauty of balance.

So many are at last awakening to the depths of darkness that is being evidenced in these times. Yet, while they are disturbed, they refuse to see their own failures that have promoted the darkness. They refuse to repent themselves but prefer to point their finger at this group or another without facing their own participation in the sin disease.

Throughout the ages, I have sent messengers to cry out against the sin diseases that were causing rottenness and total deterioration. However, because of the failure of the guilty to repent and turn from their own wickedness, over and over, peoples, tribes and nations have been destroyed and are only a fact of history and long lost and damned.

Such imbalances as are prevailing in these times are bringing on contamination, ruination and devastation, all of which cause lives to be lost, wars to be fought, crimes to be committed, as murder and bloodshed run rampant. Violence erupts over nothing, and fighting and disputing know no end. Why do people prefer such unrest and chaos over the peace that I provide? It is simple: They are addicted to the demonic activities that separate them from Me, and they are out of balance.

Ungodliness, ugliness, uncleanness and undermining are commonplace and the mode of the day. Gone is the beauty of balance that I intended for people to live in. I created humans upright, but they sought out many inventions and brought themselves to the cruel rule of demons over their lives. The lasting effects of the sin disease are made manifest, and the destiny of endless people is nothing but destruction. Keep clean before Me and avoid the plague of the sin disease, and know of a surety that I am the God who lives.