The Pearl: Glorious and Beautiful

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not lose sight of the Pearl of great price and endless beauty, for you are meant to possess the same. It is My intention that My people would sell and forsake everything to gain the Pearl once they have gotten a glimpse of the beauty of the Pearl. Needless to say, there are many fake pearls, yet none of them have real and lasting beauty as does the real Pearl.

As My people, you are meant to be abiding in Me and following the direction and instruction of My Spirit in order to achieve what I have intended for you. As you are attentive and receptive to the commands of the Holy Spirit, you will be given more and more opportunities to partake of the exquisite beauties of the Pearl and to see how important it is to involve yourselves in the Pearl of great price.

This means in essence that you do not hold back any part of yourselves but that you completely and totally abandon yourselves in pursuit of the beauties of the Pearl. The reason that the Pearl is considered to be of great price is because it is like unto My kingdom and the price that is paid by those who desire to be a part of My kingdom, both here on earth and in the hereafter.

Because My Holy Spirit is with you in everything that you do, know that you can count on the same to show you exactly what is happening each and every day and how I feel about things. There are many who go by their own feelings rather than the mind of My Spirit. When they do that, then they miss out with Me because they are going in the way of carnality rather than the way of spirituality.

Out of the carnal mind, people are easily led astray and into false spirituality because they are following demonic spirits rather than the true Spirit which comes of Me. In such leading, those who are under the coverings of demons can participate in experiences that will cause them much vexation and torment, and the end of the same is damnation. Yet, because they imagine they are finding their own way to Me, they go on and on in the way of darkness rather than light because they believe in themselves.

Inasmuch as you are My people, I want you to keep steadily looking to Me as the author and the finisher and the One you are meant to please. Do not be looking to the idiocy of the demons or the world, for in the same is darkness, demons and death.

Many are bound in hell even now because they went for the false pearls rather than the real. They were satisfied with the cheap and flashy rather than the true beauty and glory that is found in the real Pearl. When such false pearls are broken and shattered, the Pearl remains enduring because it is the real thing.

Therefore, realize that you are not meant to settle for the cheap and flashy, which is really trashy. Rather, you are to give your all for the kingdom that remains standing long after the kingdoms of earthly men and women have been broken, shattered, and scattered to the four directions.

When I do give forth promises, My people are meant to stand on those promises and receive the rewards of the righteous. Those who are righteous in My sight are the ones who will forsake everything in order to achieve what I want for them to have in this life on earth as well as the hereafter.

In other words, My people will not seek to achieve or receive the rewards that are intended for those who have sold out to carnality. Yes, such ones may spout that they are enjoying their best lives now, but such is a false message because it leads to carnal lust and desire. True united believers will realize the cost of the Pearl and be willing to pay that price because it puts them in the position of being acceptable to Me.

Be aware that there are multitudes who are peddling counterfeit jewels and they are doing so to gain what they want, and have no interest in the souls of those they defraud. A good jeweler will evaluate any tentative purchase very carefully before purchasing the same. This is because he is not wanting to be defrauded by false, cheap man-made jewels that will break and shatter under any pressure.

So it is with My kingdom. I do not want to be having those who are false and will shatter, break and scatter under pressure. I want those who will understand the value of the truth, the kingdom reality, and aspire to acquire the same. This is because they will want the Pearl of great price and are willing to give everything for the same.

When a jeweler comes across a rare and costly jewel which he evaluates to be very valuable, he will pay the top price for the same because he is aware of the value of the jewel. So, those who have seen the beauties and glories of the Pearl will by choice sell all that they own in order to gain the same. It is indeed intended that you would be coming forth knowing that I am the source, the strength, and the life eternal.

Do not settle for anything that is less than the ultimate, for you are not intended to be recipients of those things that have no value. You are intended to be receiving and achieving all that I have for you, because what I have is indeed priceless in terms of carnal treasure. What I have is given as the true treasure to those who abandon themselves to My purpose and plan. This is because I want people who will become jewels because they are looking to the Pearl and paying all for the same.