Rejected or Received

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who makes the final decisions regarding the destiny of souls. Once men, women and children die, they must face Me. There is no one who can intervene and pray them out of My decision.

Be aware that I do not accept sexual immorality and the absolute abominations that people are committing in these times. No matter how many there are who follow after the beast, I do not alter My stand against such behaviors as are exhibited and flaunted in proud array and display.

The time comes when every man, woman and child will give an account unto Me, and when they do, I will not alter My decisions because of their beseeching or crying, for it will be too late for those who have chosen to be under the coverings of demons rather than My Holy Spirit.

Be thankful even this day that it is Me that you can look unto and believe in. As you follow the directives and commands of My Spirit, you will be kept in safety from the demon powers. These ugly demons have been unleashed and are consuming multitudes in their greediness to devour and destroy souls.

Those who are succumbing to such demons will be found to be counted as the rejected when they stand before Me. This is because they have yielded their wills, their bodies, their minds and their hearts to the very forces of death and damnation.

Know of a fact that when anyone is giving way to the death and damnation way, they are choosing to self-destruct, because their end will be bitter and their torments everlasting. Over and over in hell as the rejected, they will be shown every time that they yielded to death rather than life and every time they looked to find thrills in the devil’s invitations to sin.

These ones may moan and cry, but they will be counted as guilty and will of course incur My wrath, fury and indignation, both now and throughout eternity. Over and over with no cessation, they will experience the agonies of the damned. As they writhe and beg, there is none to answer or give them peace and rest. This is because they made their choices, and those choices ended them in the company of the rejected, the damned.

Each day, continue to serve Me by obeying the commands of My Holy Spirit and realizing that the same is being given to you that you can indeed be ever uplifted and given the never-ending life as well as all truth. When you are in obedience to the Holy Spirit, you are being shown mercy again and again because you are doing as I desire and intend for you.

You are saved to serve Me and not your old nature, nor the demons that are wreaking havoc and chaos throughout the world at this time. I do not call My people to participate in the delusion that brings confusion. I call them to remain in the straight and narrow way that leads to eternal life in Me.

Therefore, realize that you are indeed greatly privileged to be partaking of all that I give to you, for I am the God of abundance. When multitudes are in the lack, I supply you with plenty, not only naturally, but spiritually as well. Be thankful and serve each day in the attitude of gratitude because you are among the received. It is indeed a glorious thing to be received by Me both now and in the life hereafter. When you are received, you will realize that you are in the company of the redeemed, and that is a position to be highly prized and esteemed.

Of course, I will punish the wicked, for their hearts are far from Me and they prefer the command of demons over the command of the Holy Spirit. Consequently, they will not change, nor will they repent, for they love to do evil and despise those things and people who are good. The good people are the ones who are doing My will in obedience and rejoicing because they are redeemed and united with other believers who are serving Me in sincerity and truth.

It is very important that My people remain honest before Me, that is, not deviating to any other way because of the pressures of the world, but maintaining the stand and the walk they are called to obey and remain in. Those who are in honesty before Me will accept the rebuke, the correction, the direction, and instruction that is given to them through the Spirit. As they do, they will draw closer and closer to Me, and they will not be ashamed nor afraid, for My hand will be upon them and in them at all times. The more that you are accepting Me, the more that you are being led by Me and given the life that remains.

When you are receiving correction through My Holy Spirit, be thankful for the same because through the chastening you will grow more and more and be groomed up in the steps of Jesus. The more that you follow His pattern and walk in the way that He intended, the more that you will become aware that My intentions for you are to be sons and daughters who can be trusted and will stay true to Me.

Those who are not afraid to suffer for their identity with Jesus will be counted worthy of Him and will be received into the beloved family of the redeemed. These ones are the saints who have not been afraid of giving their lives totally over because they know that to be received into My house is indeed the joyous reward. Be thankful to be received, redeemed, and restored to My house.