Souls in Ruination End in Damnation

I speak unto you this day and I warn you: There are multitudes who have yielded to demon spirits rather than My Spirit. These ones are souls in the process of ruination, for they are living in debauchery and vileness and mocking the righteousness that I require of My people. I do not find any delight in such ones, for they have preferred by the wickedness of their own hearts to be ruled over by demons rather than Me.

They are, however, hypocritical pretenders, and they love to act as though they are Christians when they are not. The reality is that they have abandoned the way of righteousness and gone after the way of their own damnation. These ones have no form of godliness, nor do they love Me in any respect whatsoever. Yet they love to be in the assemblies of the true believers and to laugh, mock, and make light of the messages sent by Me to edify the faithful.

Be forewarned that these are wanderers who go from assembly to assembly in order to infect the true ones with their sin diseases. They are not at all sincere, and it is their goal to bring others into the same spiritual hollowness that they themselves are in, that they can see believers ruined as they themselves are ruined.

The motivation that they operate under is one of destruction and death and has nothing to do with life, for they are the ambassadors of death and damnation. The one who sends them out is of course the devil, who has the same agenda, which is to kill, steal, and destroy any and all who believe in Me and are standing for My kingdom.

Do not be dull regarding such ones, for they are full of uncleanness, and you are to allow the discernment of My Spirit to expose such ones for who and what they are. They are blinded by the god of this world and will go on in their wanderings with no intention of changing or repenting. This is because they have made their choices according to their own understanding and will not deviate from that.

Realize that to rebuke such ones and ask them to depart from the assembling of the true ones is not at all wrong. This is because they are rejected of Me and do not care if they are. Therefore, it is only false compassion if you allow them to remain with the infectious sin diseases they carry, as well as their malignant attitudes towards My kingdom.

I do not call My people to be accepting of the ones who have no desire for truth but only want to cause others to waver and grow weak in their faith and hope in Me. Why would I the Living God desire that My true ones would want to be adversely affected and even tainted by the wickedness that these ones are carriers of?

I do not want My people to be infected; I want My people to be uplifted, strengthened, and going onward in My purpose without the hindrances of the unwilling and stubborn goats. Therefore, do not be affected by the darkness that is so prevalent in these times, but be uplifted in the joy that I give to the ones who are giving themselves to Me and knowing that I remain forever and am the One who is available to them.

Because I am the God who is holy, I want My people to be holy and walking on the highway of holiness that I have for them. I do not want them to be pulled away from Me because they are being swayed by those who are unbelievers and wicked to the core. Be thankful this day that you do not have to participate in the confusion and delusion that so many are operating under in these times.

Rather, you can come forth each day directed and corrected through My Holy Spirit that has been given to you as you have desired. The more that you are adhering to Me as the author and the finisher, the more you come to a deeper and fuller understanding of the importance of keeping yourselves clean from the filthiness of the world.

When the wicked are in rule, they open the doors to all manner of corruption to come over the people, and the consequence is souls in ruination. Be knowing that the wicked leaders are being made evident in these times and many are protesting the same. This is because the vileness, immorality, and violation of My standard is so blatant and outrageous that many are being awakened to see how much corruption and rottenness is on every hand.

In reference to My kingdom, this is a good thing because it is separating the precious from the vile and causing people to be awakened to the fact that they do not need to be participating in that which is absolute wickedness. Rather, they can participate in the way that is by My standard and be thankful for the same. Be glad that you can choose to serve and obey Me, for I alone am your Master and the One who bears rule over you.

Do not allow weariness or dread to overtake you because of personal factors. Instead, realize that I am the infinite, the enduring, the invincible, and that I remain forever available to you and that I will guide you forth by a plain path and give you exactly what you have need of each and every day.

Therefore, be attentive to the Holy Spirit, for the same will direct you in the way that I have for you, and by the same you are kept in the safety and sanity that is found in Me. Be thankful that you do not need to be counted as among the souls in ruination. Rather, you can be souls in salvation.