Inquirers Who Are Liars Are Damned

I speak unto you this day and I say that I am not deceived by those who are steeped in religion, yet their hearts are far from Me. Such ones as these are fools in My sight because they are living in pride and arrogance, committing sins they imagine are hidden from Me. They are what I would count as totally unworthy of the counsel they assume they are worthy to receive.

Reality is, before Me these religionists are as the hypocritical Jewish leaders of old who inquired of My prophets out of form, with no intention of obeying the words spoken if they did not like them. In the days of old, such men were committing all manner of sinful activity and had given themselves to a multitude of idols and were content to walk according to their own minds, which were controlled by demons.

Those who turn aside to idols are abomination before Me. This is forbidden, because by practicing such wickedness, many nations, tribes and people have been destroyed and are remembered no more.

These are times of great deception, and multitudes are encased in the madness of the same because of the lying religionists who have presented a false representation of who and what I am. They have presented Me by the example of their lives as someone who is carefree, and advocating deviations and perversions of every kind.

However, these liars who are falsely representing Me are a complete shame to My name, and I find no pleasure in them whatsoever. Therefore, do not be taken in by their delusional representation of who and what I am. Remember that it is Me who is the Creator, and I did not create men and women to be in the image of demons; I created them upright. However, they have sought out many inventions, and by the same have gone a whoring from Me and taken on the stupidity and ugliness that is so common in these times.

Consider that none gets by on Me, and when the false messengers who are covering people with delusional misconceptions of Me stand before Me, they will be condemned to hell! They will have no religious cloak or title to hide behind, nor will they be able to hide their sins, for I will see all that they have and have not done.

I will repeat Myself: I am not deceived by the words of people, for there are many who can put on a great show and project themselves to be some great thing, when in reality they are liars and pretenders. Of course, people are easily deceived because they are inwardly wanting the very cozy comfort of compromise such fakes offer to them.

This earthly journey is the proving ground, and those who want the easy way, their “best life now,” can have the same, but they will gain nothing from it except multiplied sorrows and anguish. Be thankful that you do not need to follow in the steps of those who are directed by demons. Instead, you can follow in the steps of My Son Jesus and walk in the way that is upright and acceptable unto Me.

There is no reason to walk afar off from Me and be shown up to be fools. There is every reason to choose the way that I give and be thankful for the same. Do not allow complaining or compromise to rule your lives. Be ruled by My Spirit, for the same is given to guide you in the mercy rather than the misery that besets the damned.

I am not a god; I am the I AM, and I remain eternal in the heavens, and no matter how many come and go, I remain. Long after the fakers have come and gone, I will still be evident, upright and remaining. Know that you are privileged to be counted as My people and that by and through Me you will be forever uplifted, guided and given the peace that passes understanding. When the gods of men have been ground to powder, I remain. Likewise, when the evildoers have been condemned to hell, it is Me who is everlasting and continuing to welcome the faithful into My abode.

With all of this in mind, stay under the mind of My Holy Spirit and be guided in the way that is eternal and everlasting, the way that is purposed and intended for you to walk in and be kept. Those who adhere to Me are shown repeatedly that it is a miracle to be following in the straight and narrow way in times like these when so many have chosen deviations and perversions.

The mind of My Spirit will lead and guide you forth in the way of all truth, and you will find the same to be very acceptable and beautiful. Likewise, you will see with your own eyes the ruination that comes to nations when the floodgates of hell are opened up through the leadership of those who are demonically ruled. Be thankful that you are not ruled by human decisions and immoral ethics but that you are ruled by Me through the Holy Spirit, who is bringing you closer and closer to Me.

Choose to be upright and in the attitude of gratitude each day. Leave the false to their lies and continue to receive and persevere in the truth. I created you and have chosen you as vessels of honor unto Me. Therefore, be glad even this day that you are in union with My will and not the will of your old nature.

The more that your heart is kept alive in Me, the more that My way will be shown to be the glorious and miraculous way. Do not be lured by liars. Rather, be strengthened in the truth and know of a surety that the truth is given to keep people in safety, not in the swamp.