Triumphant or Trampled

I speak unto you this day, My people, and I say that every day you must make your choices as to whether you will be triumphant or trampled. I do not want you to be trampled; I want you to be uplifted and brought forth realizing how powerful I really am.

So many do not look to be triumphant. They are willing to be trampled by the demonic powers that are raging and ranting in these times. They do not fight the good fight of faith. Instead, they compromise and succumb to the enemy forces and bow down to the darkness that is ever surfacing, showing itself to any who is dull enough to take in such rot.

As My people, you are meant to keep going onward under the commands of My Holy Spirit, and by the same be uplifted and given the hope that is found in and through Me. There are many who have fallen out of the race set before them because they did not want to fight the good fight of faith. They wanted only to be treated in ways that appealed to their fleshly lusts and desires to be churchites comfortable in compromise.

The church that calls itself of Me is not of Me at all. They have abandoned righteousness and holiness and have sought after worldliness and the vileness that accompanies the same. Then, as they in their dumb and dull state realize that things are going too far, they want to whine and moan about what things have become. Yet, the truth of it is that they have contributed to the problem rather than being the solution.

If you keep fighting the good fight of faith, you will be able to discern between good and evil and will not look to be comfortable. Rather, you will look to be triumphant and overcoming the powers of darkness. My true people are not meant to be overwhelmed; they are meant to be overcoming the wickedness that is attempting to destroy all.

The facts of reality are that the devil and his demons hate and despise the true ones who are remaining faithful to Me and will not bow the knee to the wicked agendas that are so common in these times. I do not want you to be subject to the vile and wicked forces; I want you to be subject to Me. Therefore, do not be coerced by fear or slothfulness, but rather be diligent for My kingdom. Those who are behaving in ways that are lazy are going after the ugliness that will promote the problems that are so rampant in these times.

Be thankful even this day that you do not need to be entrenched and isolated by the wicked spirits. Rather, you can be enriched and enlightened by the Holy Spirit, who is with you always. I have given to those who have desired the same My Holy Spirit to be with them both inwardly and outwardly that they are not led astray by demonic spirits. Again, I would tell you: I do not want you destroyed; I want you uplifted and encouraged in the way that I give you each day. Be glad even now that in My way you find the strength to carry on, and you will not be devoured and destroyed.

There is every reason to keep up the good fight. There is no reason to succumb to the darkness that is everywhere and by such darkness fall down to the works of demonic powers. Remember that My Son Jesus conquered the demon powers, and even they know that He reigns supreme and is King and Lord of all.

You are indeed privileged to be on the winning side, for as you remain faithful and true, you will behold My glory and My power even now in these times. More and more people are taken into the traps and snares of the wicked, but you can and will live to see those forces devastated and destroyed by their own devices.

When people are true, they are triumphant. When they are false, they are trampled. As I have said, there are far too many who have misrepresented themselves as belonging to Me when really, they belong to the world because they quickly adhere to the wicked governing forces that take their hearts far from Me.

I do not want you to be demonized and devoured; I want you to be victorious and victors. You are not called to be victims or continually victimized. By and through your inheritance in Jesus, you can withstand every wicked, unclean and deceitful spirit, and be conquerors, not cowards.

More than anything, receive the abundance of life that is found in and through the obedience to My Spirit’s commands to you. Structure yourselves to put Me first and foremost every day, and do not let the world or the workers of iniquity trample you and cause you great distress and sorrow. Make it your goal every day to be victorious, because you are in My way and not your own.

Do not trust your old nature nor the carnal mind. Trust the mind of the Holy Spirit and walk under the same. Be steadily pursuing the kingdom that remains and be true ambassadors of My kingdom here on earth. Those who imagine that they can sin and get by are full of delusion and bring forth confusion. Be glad that you do not need to be foolish as they are and go in the way that I never intended.

Each day, be glad that more than ever you can see the hope that I have set before you and you can live in that hope. Hopelessness is as a plague in these times, and I keep you from the same. As you hope in Me, you are not trampled, no matter what the enemies throw at you. Rather, you are triumphant because your hope is stayed upon Me, and you are victorious.