Can You Hear Jesus Knocking?

I speak unto you this day and I say: There are multitudes who do not listen for the knock of Jesus, even though He will come to them if they will answer. This is because people have filled their lives with the noises of the world. They have preferred to hear the unclean, filthy, perverse, the wicked voices above Jesus. However, I do send My Son to the ones who are listening for something above the rottenness of the world.

It is vitally important for those who are claiming to be Mine to listen for My Son and respond to Him. When those who are Mine will start their days putting Him above all else, then they are enabled to go forward in the light rather than darkness.

Too many in these times do not start their days with prayer and listening for Jesus; they start their days listening to the garbage of the world. When those who are claiming to be believers do not put Me first, then they will find themselves overwhelmed by the darkness throughout the day. When people are neglecting Me, they are neglecting My instructions given to them through the Holy Spirit.

Then, as they continue to prefer the world’s voices above the voice of My Spirit, they turn aside from Me and My intentions for their lives. Then they become totally absorbed with their own lives and what they want rather than what I want for them. Do not be so foolish as to neglect My Son, My Holy Spirit, and Me, for to do so will be disastrous to your spiritual lives. It is not My intention that My people would adhere to the vanities and vexations of this present world above Me.

Ask for your eyes to be opened to see in the spirit dimension how many there are who have gone after the world and ended up as casualties and no longer seek for the things above. They have become overwhelmed with the cares of this life and are projecting how important it is to be involved in the pursuit of vanity rather than righteousness. Literally, there are vast multitudes who are casualties in this war, and they have forsaken their first love and gone a whoring after the lusts of the flesh, the deceitfulness of riches, and the enchantments of the world.

Such ones who have chosen to deviate and incorporate the world into their lives have ceased being a people who are found acceptable unto Me. Why? Because they did not value the true riches, nor did they value the new lives they had received from Me. Therefore, know that I do not find pleasure in them.

They are rejected by the choices they have made to reject My purpose for their lives, and by those choices they are estranged from Me. Of course, they have by their own sins separated themselves from the purposes that I had intended for them and have become virtually useless for My kingdom.

So it is, when people are preferring to live in spiritual adultery, it is only themselves they are deceiving, for I am not deceived. I see them for who and what they are, and they are not pleasing to Me in anyway whatsoever, for they are deceitful and full of the very things that I despise.

These times are treacherous, in the sense that people are constantly bombarded by the world and all of the vanities of the same. They easily succumb to the filthiness, the seducing sounds, the visual enticements, and by their easy surrender to death, they forsake the life that Jesus wanted to give to them. There are endless multitudes who do not dare to withstand the evil floods that are sweeping across the world at this time. They would rather surrender to the world than to walk uprightly in Me as the One they love and want to please.

Despite the compromises of this present generation and the casualties that are found as the consequence of the same, I will have a remnant people who have chosen to stay true to Me no matter the cost to themselves. Such ones as these are counted worthy and they are blessed by Me because it is My kingdom that they are the citizens of. They are not identifying with the world; they are identifying with Me as their commander in chief and the One they will continue to obey.

In obedience to My commands as given through the Holy Spirit is found the abundance of life and strength that I desire to give to My people. More than anything, I want My people to be found uplifted and coming forth knowing that in Me there is the way of eternal life. Dare to believe and receive the true treasures, the true light, and the true truth that come through obedience unto Me.

I do not want you to be living in the fear of men; I want you to be living in the abundant life that I will continually give you, because there is none who is like unto Me. Thank Me even this day that you are not to be found in the false comfort of compromise, nor are you to be dead, a casualty by personal slothfulness and laziness. Rather, you can continue steadfast, not being moved or detoured by the pressures of these times.

Keep on standing, declaring, and partaking of all that I have for you, for the same will guarantee you the place in My kingdom that is My will, My desire, and My intention for you. Listen carefully each day, and when you hear Jesus knocking, open the door to Him, and He will come in and give you the love feast that has been prepared for you each day.