One More Beast

I speak unto you this day and I tell you the truth that men, women and children without Me are as eternally meaningless as the beasts who perish. It has never been My intention that My people would perish. It has been and always will remain My intention that they would live totally for Me and be kept in the abundant mercies that I alone provide for all who stay true to Me.

There are so many who live, die, and are stacked up like dead branches waiting to be burned because they did not live for Me in this life. Rather, they chose to live only for themselves and to find their satisfaction in the indulgence of their carnality or in the abominations of idolatry. This is because they have made their choices to abide in the darkness rather than the light, and to close their hearts to Me, their Creator.

Such ones as these are capable of beastly actions in many situations because they are not respecting Me as the beginning and the end. Instead, they are choosing to go a whoring from Me by yielding themselves to demonic input rather than the input of My Holy Spirit.

I do not want you to live in such a place of abomination. I want you to live in the glorious power of My presence that you are more than just one more created being, and that you are aware that you were and still are created for Me as the One you love and want to please.

Does the pot tell the potter what is wrong with their hands in shaping the pot as the potter desires? Yet those whom I have created take it upon themselves to dictate to Me what I am and am not allowed to do. When you consider how arrogant and independent people have grown towards Me as their Creator, it is frightening.

When people are no longer under My covering, then they come under the covering of the demonic powers, which will direct them into all manner of abominable behaviors in their idolatry. Likewise, they will seek for nothing more than indulgence in fleshly lusts. While they may imagine themselves to be spiritual, they are nothing more than wastrels before Me because of the way they move afar off from Me and go looking for those things that I have forbidden.

Be aware that in the times you are in, when multitudes have deliberately and defiantly thrown off “the shackles of the old morality and godliness” they have taken on the attributes of beastliness. In such behaviors, they have given themselves over to vile and forbidden practices. There are many who are worshiping animals of all kinds, and in their worship of such creatures, some are even resorting to having relationships that are abnormal and perverse with the beasts they love so much.

Because they have gone after the ways of contamination, they are led into abomination, and in the same prove themselves worthy of damnation. The latest craze that you will see them give themselves unto will be sex with all manner of beasts and attempts by so-called scientists and doctors to crossbreed humans and beasts.

Do not be shocked at the rise of bestiality, as people are so determined to obey demons rather than Me. In the perverse, wicked, corrupt and filthy practices that people are driven to by unclean lusts, they are doing those things that I have forbidden to them and loving the same. All the while, they are proving themselves as candidates for My wrath, fury and indignation to be heaped upon them in endless measure. They will receive misery and more misery because they are cursed by their wicked choices.

Consider that such ones will be driven by demons to their own destruction and damnation because of their wickedness and wretched wantonness. Such deviations as they are taking will keep them from being found in any way acceptable except into the fires of hell. The more that they violate Me, the more they will pay for their lecherous and lustful behaviors.

As for those who are walking uprightly, they will be blessed by Me and they will shine like lights in a sin-sick and wicked world that is filled with all manner of abominable, dark and devilish practices. Never will My true people accept or adhere to the corrupt and perverted lifestyles that are so common.

I do not intend for My true ones to compromise with the world and the demons that are directing the demise of the nations. Rather, I want My people to stay faithful and true to Me no matter the cost to themselves. If you continue steadfast in Me, you will receive the crown of glory and be made aware of My infinite mercies each day. Do not deviate and go a whoring only to be damned as the consequence of choices made in opposition to Me.

Be thankful day and night that I do not withhold mercy from you in any way whatsoever, because I love to show My approval to the ones who are seeking to please Me and come forth made glad for all that I do for them. More than ever, let it be Me that you keep focused upon, and know of a surety that you are not intended to be one more beast.

You are intended to walk uprightly in the way that I desire for you to walk in and know that My life is found with the ones who honor Me. Those who are dishonoring themselves with beasts are obeying the commands of demons and committing abominations day after day. The more that such ones sink in decay, the more it becomes evident they have sunk lower than beasts and are victimizing the beasts they lay with. Stay pure in Me!