Rebels Want Revolt Against God

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not think it strange that there are multitudes who are in revolt against Me. Such ones as these are rebels and have opened their hearts and their minds to receive the lies of the liar and his demonic forces. Because they are attempting to overthrow Me in their planned revolt against Me, they will be overthrown because of their own stupidity. I do not want My people to interact with rebels who are hell bound and have no intention of repenting.

Such ones as these who are hellbent to revolt and overthrow Me are obviously blinded by the demon forces and have not considered what they will face in eternity. Not only will their rebellion cause them misery now; they will be under the agonies of the damned throughout eternity.

The truth and reality are simple: those who imagine they can overthrow Me are living in blindness and darkness. I am not mocked, and I will mock the mockers who have proud imaginations as to their own powers and capabilities. Never have any rebels in their revolts been able to overthrow Me. Needless to say, such ones end in hell forever and are mocked by their own words and proud boasting.

More and more, as multitudes are yielding themselves to rebellion, it becomes evident that many are preferring to drift along with the tide of unrighteousness that is sweeping the land rather than adhering to Me as the One who is caring for their souls. Although these may not be leading the revolt, they are basically agreeing with the same in their hearts. I have never intended for souls to perish; they are the ones who choose the same, either deliberately or by non-concern.

Hell is enlarging herself daily because of the souls who are damned for their unwillingness to accept My authority over them. However, if you consider how really stupid that is, it is because they want to be identified as having their own minds and their own ways. What they are too dumb to see is that they must bow to one power source or another in this earthly journey. If they do not bow to Me, then they bow to the wicked one and are consequently filled up on demons.

As the forces of darkness are ever increasing in their displays of power, be aware that they do not prevail against the just. It is Me the Living God who keeps My people as they look to Me as their Master and Lord. The battle that is being waged in the spirit is continual, for the devil is never satisfied and is always out to get the ones who belong to Me. When you are witnessing for Me and standing for My righteousness, the enemies want you dead and damned.

Keeping such in mind, be alert to the commands of My Holy Spirit, for the same keep you from succumbing to the devil and his demonic forces. Be glad even today that I am the One who is indeed aware of the battle you undergo, and I send My angels many times in your behalf to help you to withstand the forces of evil that want you destroyed.

It is not My intention that you be destroyed; it is My intention that you be uplifted and brought forth to continue in My way. Be actively pursuing the course that I have put before you, for I intend that you would prevail as the victorious people you are meant to be. Remember, the rebels will not enter into My kingdom, and all of their attempts of overthrowing Me will fall to the ground.

The devil’s agenda does not change: to kill, steal and destroy, and those who are in opposition to Me will easily succumb to the wicked one and his forces. The ones who stay true to Me will see victory after victory, for My Spirit does not cease to direct them in battle. Rejoice, for as you keep your focus on Me, you will see repeatedly that there is no stopping the victories in abundance that I will give you day by day.

As you continue in this life on earth, realize that all receive back what they have sown towards Me. Those who love Me and appreciate the salvation they have received through My Son will reap in joy. Those who have left off following Me and gone after lies will be encased in lies and directed by demons. Those who imagine they can stage the winning revolt against Me are literally blinded fools who are causing their own distress and destruction. Of course, they are damned by their choices and their actions.

Do not be quick to assume that you know more than you know. Instead, be of the humility mind that will help you in the battles that are raging in the spirit and show you repeatedly that through Me you will be victorious and you will see My powers shown forth.

Be more and more aware of the fact that this earth is the proving ground, and those who have chosen to stray from Me have taken the road to hell. Those who choose to remain faithful to Me are on the road to heaven. None can serve two masters, and as you are choosing Me, you are choosing life and not death.

I do not want you to be involved with the rebellious on a personal level, for they are infected by demons. I want you to walk circumspectly, redeeming the time and knowing that in the end I will and do prevail against all of the forces of evil that are operating now. No rebels causing revolt against Me have succeeded. They are all in hell, mocked by their own proud and arrogant boasting. Remember, I remain forever as the Almighty.