Witches, Warlocks, and Wizards Won’t Win

I speak unto all who have an ear to hear this day, and I declare that witches, warlocks and wizards won’t win in the end. These are times when the powers of darkness have spread themselves out in proud array and are flaunting their wickedness as though they remain forever. However, they do not remain, for their end will come upon them unawares.

Because they are a disgust to Me, they will be devoured by their own devices, for I the Living God will bring them down. When I bring such persons to their end, they will not be able to offer Me excuse for the wickedness they have done against others. No; instead, they will face the penalty for their sins and find themselves in deep despair because they chose in opposition to Me. Their end will be bitter, and their torments will be their lot, for they are damned by their deeds, and their magic and spell casting will in no way change My mind.

The practices of the wicked are ever before Me, and they do not get by with what they do. I will hold them accountable, and they will be totally responsible for what they have done under the covering of demons. I do not want you to be under the covering of demons; I want you to be under Me, for I am your source, your strength and your purpose. Be aware that you are not meant to succumb to the powers of darkness that will put their appeal to the old nature within you.

Know for a fact that there are multitudes of people in high places who are full of demonic power and are attempting to cause mass destruction upon peoples and nations by their spell casting, for they are mediums of darkness and death. While multitudes are succumbing to their works of wickedness, I give through My Holy Spirit the direction and protection for the ones who want Me. There is no way that My people are left alone to battle with those defunct powers.

The true reality is, such powers imagining they stand forever are deceived, for they are being brought down by their own evil being returned to them. I do not want you to be subject to those powers that are so corrupt and vile. I want you to be strong and invincible, because those powers no longer have the strength they pretend to have.

When My Son Jesus completed His earthly mission, He took the power away from the wicked. However, because they continued in the devices of evil, the multitudes have believed them. Realize that the devil and his demons are liars and pretenders wanting only to kill, steal and destroy. I do not want people to be so deceived, yet they choose against Jesus. They will be grossly deceived, for they leave themselves open to demonic invasion.

I have provided the protection for all who will believe upon Jesus and ask Him to forgive their sins and become their Lord and Savior. Those who will accept Him will find that their lives are blessed rather than cursed, and that they receive mercy rather than misery.

Now, more than ever, people are showing themselves to be utterly dumb because they are walking right into the traps and snares set by the witches, warlocks and wizards that are intended to cause deception and death to as many as will follow blind guides. The ditch into which such deceived ones fall will cause them to sink lower and lower, with no escape from the muck and mire of the same.

Be thankful that you are not meant to be taken down. You are meant to follow in the steps of Jesus and be made aware of the fact that I am Holy and so do I desire My people. The truth is that those who stay true to Jesus will come out as the winners rather than the losers. Do not be hasty to deviate from Me, for those who do will die and be damned.

It is not My intention that men, women and children would suffer acutely because they are deceived. It is My intention that people would walk in the way that is eternal life and partake continually of the goodness of My way. Do not listen to the madness of the media, for the same is meant to convince you to accept death and damnation by receiving the evil reports and believing them to be true.

Remember that Jesus is recognized even by demons as the ruling King, and they must admit when confronted that He is Lord. Therefore, do not live in fear; live in faith, for it is Me who is the author and the finisher, the beginning and the end. There is no reason to believe that the powers of darkness are ever telling the truth. They are incapable of telling the truth. The dark powers are full of lies and will never tell the truth.

Be glad that through Me you are given the truth and have My Spirit ever present to lead and guide you forth in the way that is all truth. The truth is given to make you strong and steadfast in the way that I provide for you. The more that you stand in the truth, the more that you will be hated by the workers of wickedness. However, they shall not prevail against you, for Jesus has defeated them and you are meant to use the power of His name and keep knowing that He is the way for you.

Multitudes are transgressing daily by believing the wicked above the messengers of truth. By their choices to believe the false messengers, they are taking themselves under death rather than life. Rejoice that you know that witches, warlocks and wizards won’t win!