Freedom Train to Hell

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are living in times when people are declaring their independence from Me and celebrating the same. Because men, women and children are imagining that they are free when they are bound by demons, they are giving themselves over to all manner of sinfulness. They are behaving in ways that are absolutely wretched and vile in My sight.

As they are continually growing more debased and corrupt in their choices against Me, they are proving themselves to be utterly consumed of wickedness and corruption. In all of their demonically inspired choices, they are proving that their hearts and their lives are far from Me. Repeatedly, they are flaunting themselves in proud array because they are at last independent of Me, and by that, they are on the freedom train to hell.

Blinded as they are by demons of pride, they are living in a fool’s paradise, for their choices for wickedness have ensured them their tickets to hell. Over and over, they grow bolder and more miserable because they only want their own ways and not My way. For all of their projections of the “better way” that they have found, they are extremely confused and vexed.

Believe Me, when people are controlled by demons, they have not found a better way; they have found the way to their own devastation and damnation. When you behold such fools in their folly, be thankful that you do not need to be independent of Me. Rather, through the humility mind of My Spirit, you can receive the instructions that will keep you in My way, which is truly the best and only way that leads to eternal life in heaven. Do not ever believe those liars who are going headlong on the fast train to hell, for while they imagine themselves to be free, they are demonically bound.

The more that My people want to be molded by Me, the more that they will be enabled to pursue the course that is My righteousness and truth. Therefore, be constant in the attitude of gratitude towards Me and walk in subjectivity to the mind of My Spirit, for by the same I lead you forth. As you pay heed to Me, you will see more than ever that My way is perfect and not as the fools who are bound in their folly.

Over and over throughout the ages, men, women and children in different parts of the world have been utterly destroyed because of their wickedness and corruption. Literally, by their choices and behaviors, they have bought their own ways into hell and there they remain. For all of their own pride, they were judged according to their wickedness, which was great in My sight. Because they were choosing to be losing, they are still in hell and can never be extracted from the same.

I will not depart from the ones who are faithfully seeking Me and going in the way that is My counsel. There are some who start out to follow Me, then they lag behind because they grow weary. To such ones offer the cup of My living waters. If they will drink and be refreshed, then they are enabled to continue. On the other hand, if they choose to lag behind still and like that place, then they become the target of demons, who seek to captivate them and cause them to become My enemies and not My friends.

Be thankful even this day that you can be independent of demonic control and stay on board the train that I have ordained for you. I intend for you to be riding on the glory train and going onward. Be faithful and true to Me, and you cannot help but see how good I am to you and do abundantly provide for you even in times when many are suffering and wanting more and more, yet they do not have.

As you continue to walk uprightly in Me, you will know the abundance of mercies that I delight to give you and come forth ever rejoicing that it is Me that you serve. My people are meant to serve Me in the attitude of gratitude because while others are in misery, My people are in mercy. Accept the mercies that I give you with thanksgiving and gladness because I love you and have truly set you free!

When I free people from the shackles of sin and give to them their freedom, they are not meant to go their own ways in that freedom. They are meant to come forth knowing that I am their refuge and their mercy. Needless to say, there are many whom I have freed who do not stay free. Rather, they allow themselves to listen to the old carnal mind, which entices them to return to the slavery of sin and board the train to hell. Such ones as these will become worse than they were before, for the demons will drive them incessantly to commit more and more vile abominations and transgressions.

Reality is that you have been freed and shown mercy in order to serve Me and obey My Spirit’s commands unto you. Therefore, do not allow the demon powers of independence from Me to grab hold of you. Rather, keep steadfastly adhering to Me as the One you love and desire to serve with gladness and rejoicing each day.

I do not find pleasure in the ones who easily cave into the cravings and ravings of demons and their own carnality. Regard your new life in Me as the greatest treasure you could have ever been given and be adhering to Me with gladness and rejoicing. Do not be hasty to listen to the forces that want you dead and damned. Be quick to listen to and adhere to the commands and directives of My Spirit, for they are of Me and are for your safety.